How to Move Your Car Across The Country Safely

You might plan to move to a new state due to work or some other obligations. In every case, making a swift plan for the trouble-free transportation of your car is indispensable. People are always looking for a plan that is light on the pocket but efficient all along. Nevertheless, this is only possible if they know how to plan the process of moving their car across the country safely. This article explains the intricacies of the entire procedure so that you can ensure you do it right.

Evaluate the Shipping Options

The foremost consideration is regarding the different shipping options that you may have at your disposal when it comes to shipping cars. You may think that driving yourself is a practical option here if your destination is not too far. However, you must not forget that driving long distances will incur fuel costs and wear and tear. It is better to evaluate the other shipping options if you find that the self-driving costs are too high. You will find different shipping companies that have diverse shipping plans based on your budget and car type. You may go for the car trailer, where you have the options of enclosed and open trailers, or tow dolly if you want to ship a car to another state. The towing dollies are comparatively cost-effective for longer distances. You may also explore the use of railroads and ships for shipping. Boats are a common choice when you need to transport your car to domestic offshore destinations like the US Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and similar locations. Another option to consider is shipping by plane, but it’s essential to carefully assess the associated costs before making a decision.

Insurance Considerations

When you’re planning to move your car across the country, it’s essential to pay close attention to your car insurance coverage. While insurance may not be the most exciting part of the process, it plays a pivotal role in ensuring your peace of mind and financial security during the move. Begin by verifying that your car insurance is not only up to date but also suitable for the journey ahead. It’s worth noting that insurance requirements and regulations can vary from state to state, so if your move involves crossing state lines, you’ll want to ensure that your coverage complies with the regulations of your destination state. Dedicate some time to thoroughly review your policy and contemplate discussing any potential adjustments or extra coverage alternatives with your insurance company.

Compare Different Shipping Companies by Evaluating Their Reviews and Costs

When you have decided that you will be going for a company that can ship your car, it is better to compare different shipping companies. A valuable strategy for this assessment involves evaluating customer reviews and costs. You may begin by researching online testimonials from previous customers, paying close attention to their experiences, particularly regarding the safety and condition of their vehicles upon delivery. You may also consider the reputation and track record of each company in handling cross-country car shipments. Alongside, don’t forget to assess the financial aspect. You may ask for price quotes from multiple shipping companies and compare their costs while considering any additional services or insurance coverage.

Select a Route

If you plan to move your car yourself, selecting the right route for your cross-country car move is a pivotal decision. It can greatly influence the safety and efficiency of your journey. Your journey begins with thorough research, where you consider various factors such as distance, road conditions, and potential stops along the way. It will be better if you make good use of GPS devices, navigation apps, and online tools like Google Maps to identify the best routes available for your specific journey. These tools not only provide directions but also take real-time factors into account, including traffic patterns and weather conditions. When you select your route intelligently, you minimize the risk of unexpected delays, detours, and challenges.

Prepare Your Car for Shipping

If shipping the car is your final decision, you must prepare your car for this procedure. Start by thoroughly cleaning both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This not only aids in the inspection process but also ensures that any pre-existing damage is well-documented. Additionally, remember to remove any personal items from the car, as the carrier’s insurance may not cover these. An inspection that involves both parties will occur before the company takes possession of your vehicle. During this inspection, it’s crucial to document the condition of your car with photographs and ensure that any existing damage is noted on for accurate record-keeping. This will help you reinspect your car once you receive it at a new destination and evaluate its condition.


Once all that is done, your car will be fully prepared for shipping. You must ensure that you have done everything, from documentation to preparation of your car for shipping, intelligently. Even though you inspected your car before shipping, you must do it upon receiving it back. All the other guidelines in this article will serve as a walkthrough for you throughout this procedure to ensure you move your car across the country smoothly.

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