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How to Play Craps in a Casino?

Played at a large oval table, craps happen to be one of the exciting casino table games. It is one of those few games where the dice decides the money you will be taking home. It may seem a little complex at first, especially with the complicated table layout. But, once you learn the rules, you can pick a table and try your luck on a casino online like kubet casino.

Isn’t it exciting to try a casino table game where your luck is in your hands? To make it easier for the beginners, we are going to discuss the tips for playing craps in a land-based and online casino. Let’s get started.

The Numbers Rolled on the Dice

Craps is all about the sum of the numbers rolled on the dice. You get a pair of dice to roll on the craps table and the sum of these numbers will decide whether you win or lose. Here’s what happens when you roll the dice:

  • You get a Natural: This is the best outcome. Players want to get two numbers that total to 7 or 11. If you get either of these numbers, you win. You can continue to roll the dice.
  • You Get Craps: Another outcome is craps or snake eyes. This includes 2, 3, and 12. If the sum of the numbers you get from the dice is craps, you lose. However, you still have a chance to get back in the game.
  • You Establish a Point: If you neither win nor lose, you have to establish the point. You could roll any number but 7. If you are playing the game at an online casino, the live dealer will mark your established point. You will win if, in the next round, the sum of your rolling dice is the point. Basically, the point will be the numbers you get from your first roll (as long as it isn’t natural and crap). You can keep rolling until you get the point or seven-out.

Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line

On the Craps table, you will see the “Pass Line” and “Don’t Pass Line” sections. Each player at the table gets a chance to bet on either of these options. You could choose a pass line and bet that the shooter (the person rolling the dice) will win either by getting a 7 and 11 or a point before they seven-out. Note that the dealer does not start the next round until a bunch of people bets on the pass line.

Players who bet on the don’t pass line win if the shooter gets 2, 3, or 12 on the first dice roll. If the shooter gets a natural (7 or 11), then everyone who bets against the shooter will lose. The remaining numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 are neither losing nor winning numbers. If the shooter gets these numbers on the first roll, they will establish a point and they get to roll the dice over and over again until they roll the point or seven-out. Here, the player must not get a seven before the point.

Suppose you bet on the pass line. The shooter has to roll an 8. If they get an 8, you and the other bettors on the pass line win. If they get a random number, they will keep rolling the dice. As mentioned above, 7 is the culprit. If the shooter rolls the dice to 7, everyone on the table that wagered on the pass line will lose.

The pass line and don’t pass line are two of the most crucial components of craps. Before you join a table, make sure you learn the basics of these betting rules at KUBET. You could also try online craps at KUBET to get a practical experience of different betting options.

Other Betting Options

You don’t necessarily have to place the bet on the point or against the shooter. Each player at the crap table gets a chance to choose any number they think the shooter can roll before they seven-out. If you get your prediction right, you win. If the shooter rolls a 7 before your bet number, you lose.

Then there is the field bet that allows you to select a couple of numbers for the first roll. Note that this bet is active only for one roll. You will lose the round if the player rolls 5, 6, 7, and 8. If they roll other numbers, you win.

Where can I Practice Craps?

Although the rules of craps are not as complicated as they sound, it is better to try a demo game before you join the real-money table. You can play demo games online until you are sure you have learned all the rules. Online players can also use casino bonuses on craps.

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