Seven Tips for Saving on Rental Cars

Seven Tips for Saving on Rental Cars

Going on a family trip but want to drive a rental car? Using a car rental when traveling is always a better idea than obtaining public transport. Renting a car provides you the freedom and flexibility you would demand to get the most of your journey. You can travel wisely, stop at nice places, and get to your destination with comfort. 

No matter if you plan to drive up the countryside for two days or taking a week-long family vacation, getting any wheels is a must. You definitely want to save pocket when renting the cheapest minivan rental. Keep reading for 7 car rental tips that will save you checks, time, and a good mood.

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Seven Tips for Saving on Rental Cars

Stay Away from the Airport Renting

Airports usually provide the widest choice of rental cars in the city. But the problem is that they are the most expensive at the same time. It happens as most car rental companies take extra fees at the airport offices. We agree that it is very comfortable to take a car just when you jump off the flight, but spend a little more time and you will save more money if you rent a car in the nearby city. Many companies add fees if you do not return the car to the same place where you took it. If you travel from one city to another, the fee may be more expensive than your daily rent.

Choose Wisely

When you decide to rent a car, choose the exact vehicle wisely. Never take the first one that the manager offers to you. Think over what you need and what you can avoid and do not overpay for this. If you travel with a large family, renting a minivan or large sedan can be an option. If you travel alone or with only one partner, it is better to choose a smaller car to save gas. Modern hybrid cars can help you with this feature. Will you be using GPS or you will prefer your personal Google maps navigator in the iPhone? How many kids are you going to take with you? How many car seats do you need? Do they offer suitable seats for each age type? What type of transmission can you choose? Do you know how to operate standard transmission? Do not overpay, take time to think over everything, and think twice.

Consider Discounts

Mant renting companies offer various discounts for lots of customer categories. The members of AAA, Costco, BJ,  and AARP can wait for reasonable deals at renting offices. They can manage to register the second driver for free. Military members and veterans are also part of a discount program, in most renting companies. Inform the manager that you are a member of some associations and communities and ask for discounts. Some companies also offer discounts for consumers of flying programs. You can also get a discount, using special discount codes, promo codes, and coupons that you may find at discount sites.


When you first make plans on vacation dates, book a rental minivan on the same date. If you wait until the last minute, the prices will grow higher, and it is not the fact that you will get the model that you want. Even if you change your mind or find a better deal, you can always cancel the deal. Most times you will not get any penalties for cancellation. 

The opposite issue when it comes to prepaid gas. Most renting offices offer to prepay the full tank of gas in advance. Do not do this until you are sure that you will need the whole tank. Even if you do have to refuel the car, do it yourself and pay for the gas by gas-station loyal credit cards. They give points for the dollars spent on the fuel, that you can use again to pay for the gas. 

Book More Days than You Need

It sounds weird, but if you rent a car for more days than you need, it can be cheaper in general. For example, if you rent a car for a week, a return it a day earlier, you can refund this one day. Renting for the whole week is cheaper than you will rent just for 7 days. Let’s imagine that a day costs $30, the weekly price is $180, which means $25.8 per day. If you return the car on Saturday, you may refund $25. So you will pay only $155 for the trip instead of $180 if you pay for a car day by day for 6 days.

Compare deals

Do not arrange the deal at the first company that you meet. Make sure that you have compared at least several to get the best prices. There are many sites that aim to aggregate prices across various prepositions. Once you noticed the suitable option, go to the official page of the rental company to compare if the information is valid. If it is valid, grab the car and hit the Rent button right now!

Always Read the Fine Print

Some companies use fine print to hide something that can draw away any customer. Usually fine print hides extra fees, travel restrictions, mile restrictions, late or even early return fees, additional driver fees, and many others. So be aware not to buy a pig in a poke and read the fine print before signing.

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