How to Purchase CBD Oil Safely Online for Beginners

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has grown tremendously in popularity over the last few years. In fact, sales from the CBD oil industry were valued at more than $5 billion in 2019.

Due to the tremendous benefits of CBD oil in numerous applications and industries, more and more people across the globe have become open to purchase CBD Oil Canada.

The problem is that beginners to the industry have a hard time realizing the best products to buy and how they avoid purchasing unsafe derivatives from scammers.

Fortunately, learning the tricks of the trade isn’t all too difficult. Below, you’ll learn to use helpful beginner tips to purchase CBD oil.

Always Check for Lab Test Results

It is a universal fact that CBD oil is a safe product to use. However, it’s important for any consumer to look for lab test results for particular manufacturers.

Some manufacturers will post these results on their CBD oil website. Others will neglect this practice completely. Lab results help build credibility for manufacturers and trust among consumers.

All CBD oil manufacturers should post lab test results for their products, even if they provide white-label products from other manufacturers. Making sure that this testing was conducted by a trusted third-party is essential.

Standard test results should indicate all of the following:

  • Information related to microbial, residual solvents, and other components.
  • Insights into deeper components in the product.
  • Other existing cannabinoids

Any CBD oil manufacturer will list these specifications on their website or on the labels of products they offer.

Look for Online Customer Reviews

Online consumer reviews are a helpful source of information for anyone looking to buy an online product or service. It’s convenient to access these reviews to learn about what the public thinks about a product.

In the case of CBD oil, online customer reviews can help a great deal in realizing which manufacturers provide exceptional products. Here are some great tips in using online reviews to your advantage:

  • Take a look at negative Google reviews. See how the manufacturer responded to these reviews.
  • Observe the tone used in the reviews. Were the customers displeased or furious after purchasing the product?
  • What is the ratio of positive to negative reviews?

Ultimately, customer reviews will make or break any business. If you are noticing several negative reviews relating to the quality and safety of a CBD oil product, you shouldn’t purchase it.

Check the Website’s Level of Security

All websites that handle eCommerce, or online, payments are required to securely store the credit card information and payment methods of their customers.

Without this security, hackers can compromise this data and steal your identity. For this reason, many eCommerce websites have a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, indicated by an “HTTPS” web address.

An SSL certificate encrypts all personal data stored on a website, which keeps it from the paws of even the most skilled hackers. Fortunately, you can check if a website has this level of security by observing its web address.

If their web address contains an “HTTP” instead of an “HTTPS” code, then they don’t have an SSL certificate. Unfortunately, there are a great number of shady CBD oil retailers on the internet.

Taking a few seconds to observe their web address can save you both time and money.

Be Careful of Health Claims

All manufacturers have to abide by laws preventing them from making health claims without verifiable and extensive research.

When a CBD oil company makes a bold health claim without research, they’re not only breaking the law, but they could also put your health at risk.

For example, reputable CBD oil manufacturers often claim that their products can “help” ease pain and deal with depression. By outright claiming that a product can cure pain and depression without research, a manufacturer is breaking advertising violations set forth by the FDA.

It’s important to remember that any company making these types of claims is desperate in attracting customers. They also will stop at nothing to scam you possibly damage your health in the process.

Understand Where the Product is Coming From

Like any health product, understanding where CBD oil was derived from is extremely important. The environment where the plant was grown plays an integral role in its quality.

Here are some considerations to think about when researching where a CBD oil product was sourced:

  • Was the product derived from a hemp or cannabis plant?
  • How was the product refined?
  • Were any solvents used to extract the CBD oil?

Answering these questions will help in determining the manufacturing procedures in producing the CBD oil. It’ll also help you realize the legality of the product and whether or not it’s real CBD.

Observe the Return Policy

Before you make any online purchase, make sure to review the manufacturer’s return policy. Some companies will have limitations on when you can return a product.

For example, retailers may request that you return an unsatisfactory product within 30 days of the purchase.

Others won’t allow returns or a money-back guarantee. These companies need to be skipped over, as that’s usually a red flag among eCommerce websites.

Always Check the Dosage

Making sure that you use the proper CBD dosage is important for your health. Reputable merchants will also post information relating to the dosages of their products.

If the dosage doesn’t match the product you receive, you should send it back to avoid health problems in consuming the product. It’s also important to review the concentration as well.

For example, a 2-liter container of CBD oil with 2,000mg is much less potent than a 50ml container with 100mg of CBD oil. Making this distinction is essential in taking the right dosage for its intended purpose.

Purchase CBD Oil Safely Online

Learning how to purchase CBD oil if you’re a beginner isn’t a complicated matter. It involved performing extensive research into the product to be sure you’ll never put your own health at risk.

My recommendation is to buy CBD oil from Newphaseblends because it is a trustable brand.

By following the important steps above, you can quickly learn how to take CBD oil the right way by making a smart online purchase.

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