6 Perfect Job Options for People That Love Health and Fitness

6 Perfect Job Options for People That Love Health and Fitness

The fitness industry has boomed into an almost $100 billion global industry. More people are obsessed with their health than ever before and consumers are turning to health and wellness companies. Alongside this is a huge growth in fitness careers and job opportunities.

Does the prospect of finding the perfect job get you excited? Are you a health nut, fascinated with the power of healthy eating, or obsessed with the journey to peak physical performance? If so, then there are plenty of awesome jobs out there for you.

From health science to nutrition, this guide breaks down six amazing jobs in the health and fitness industry. Keep reading to find your dream career!

1. Certified Personal Trainer

If you’re passionate about being healthy and fit and dream about helping others achieve their own physical jobs, then this is a great option for you.

This is one of the most popular careers in fitness because the job offers many benefits, it’s flexible, and rewarding, too. Personal trainers work one-on-one with clients to improve physical health and reach their desired fitness goals.

You’ll develop and implement unique and customized training regimes for each one of your clients based on their goal (ie, to lose weight or become stronger). You’ll take into consideration your client’s current fitness and skill level as well as their time frame. Then, you will provide physical and mental guidance throughout the regime.

You have the option of working at a gym, operating your business from home, or traveling to client’s homes. You’ll need a passion for fitness and be in peak physical condition yourself.

2. Physical Therapist

A career as a physical therapist is incredibly important. It’s not about being the strongest, thinnest, or fittest. It’s all about maintaining your body’s optimum health and helping people recover from injury or pain.

This job is incredibly important as you will assist many people in recovering from debilitating injuries. You have the option of working with athletes, helping them to get back to their peak performance after injuries. Or, you could work with the elderly, or post-surgery patients. The options are many.

This is a stable career that offers you job security and excellent remuneration. However, you will have to complete a bachelor’s degree. And, you can take it one step further and receive doctor-level training in special techniques in order to treat musculoskeletal injuries.

You may choose to work in a hospital or health center, or perhaps you prefer having your own private practice or working from home. Either way, a physical therapist career is rewarding and interesting.

3. Nutritionist or Dietician

Are you somebody that strongly believes we are what we eat, and that staying in shape starts in the kitchen? If so, then a career in nutrition could be just the thing for you.

Living a fit and healthy life involves regular exercise and healthy eating. As a nutritionist or registered dietician, it will be your duty to help your clients make smart food choices.

As an expert in food and nutrition, you’ll work closely with clients to develop food plans according to their goals and needs. There are many health-specific goals that you can help your clients reach with food. These include losing weight, increasing iron count, reducing inflammation in the body, and more.

There is also a ton of flexibility in this line of work. Nutritionists and dieticians can work one-on-one with clients, work in nursing homes, or plan menus for schools. You could even land a job at a spa or resort.

4. Yoga Teacher

Perhaps your love of physical fitness is deeply connected to your emotional and mental wellbeing. Oftentimes, these things depend on each other to flourish. If you love yoga and wish to share the practice with others, consider doing a yoga teacher training course.

You can choose from plenty of different styles of yoga, or study a few different ones so that you can offer your students, well-rounded classes.

The amazing thing about being a yoga teacher is that you provide a space for your students to take care of their physical health while reducing stress and relaxing.

5. Gym Owner

Have you got an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for physical health and fitness? Why not open up your own gym? Sure, this is no easy feat but when it’s up and running it will be all worth the work!

You’ll need to be someone who is decisive and full of ideas so that you’re comfortable making important decisions, hiring staff, and creating a brand for your gym.

You can start off small and local, or offer a niche gym based on personal training and nutrition support. It’s the ideal opportunity to take your passion for fitness and translate it into a successful business.

You don’t need to have any special education training, you just need motivation and some entrepreneurial logic. Do your research on opening a gym, the start-up, and running costs, and you’re good to go!

6. Kinesiologist

Do you want to be an expert in the study of physical activity and exercise physiology? If you study kinesiology, you’ll have a plethora of incredible career paths at your feet.

With a career in kinesiology, you can utilize your skills to improve people’s lives with exercise techniques. This is a fantastic career for someone who loves health science and fitness and is very social.

You could work directly with athletes helping them to improve their fitness and performance. On the other hand, you could design optimized athletic and sports equipment based on your knowledge of biomechanics. The options are endless!

Have You Found Your Perfect Job?

Is your perfect job on this list? Perhaps you’d like to dive into health science with a career in physical therapy. Or, maybe you prefer the nutrition side of things and want to assist clients in making smart food choices.

Whatever your desires are, if you love health and fitness there is a dream job out there for you.

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