How to Sanitize Your Rented Car Properly?

The best way to move around a city if you are a tourist is to rent a car. It gives you the freedom to go to any place at any time. Where there are numerous benefits to renting a vehicle, there is always a danger about the cleanliness of the car. It requires even more attention if your rental agency is not high end. High-end rental agencies tend to sanitize the car properly before it can be rented by another customer. But that is not always the case.

With the current outbreak of the pandemic, there is always a chance that you might catch it and rental cars can be the reason. So, you must make a habit to sanitize the car properly whenever you rent one. There is a chance that the person who rented the car before you did not care much about their hygiene. It can easily lead you to catch a disease.

Few of the professional Rent A Car companies claim to offers the sanitized cars. Well, you can rely on them after checking their old customer’s reviews on Google or their social media pages. Still, a little bit of care is better than cure. We still recommend sanitizing your car once more to stay healthy.

Here are few tricks to sanitizing your car thoroughly to minimize the chance of you falling prey to any disease:

How to Sanitize Your Rented Car Properly

Gathering the supplies

The first step is you need to get proper supplies for the project. Choosing a good sanitizer for the job is essential. The cleanliness of your car will depend upon the quality of the sanitizer. It is always a good bet to get a sanitizer with high alcohol content. This makes sure that your car is completely germ-free.

Get a sanitizer bottle with a spray feature. They are a bit difficult to find but they can make the job much easier and quicker. In case you do not find the one with the spray feature, the dropper works fine too. Then you need to get some wipes or tissues to get rid of germs thoroughly.

You will also need a set of gloves and a mask before you can begin. You can easily get these items from any medical supplier.

Sanitize the Interior

The interior of the car is the place where the chances of you catching an infection are the highest. Because it is frequently touched by the driver. So, you must be sure to sanitize the interior of the car properly.

Begin by spraying sanitizer on the steering wheel and then use wipes to spread the sanitizer all around it. Make sure that you do not miss any part, including the horn.

Then jump to the LCD. If you are planning to use the LCD for entertainment during your ride, it is best to sanitize it too. You must spray the sanitizer on the dashboard and glove compartment too, to be completely safe.

Sanitize the seats

Then shift your focus to the seats of the vehicle. Take the sanitizer and spray on each seat of the car because you are not sure how many of them were used by the previous person who rented the car. Then use the wipes to completely spread the sanitizer on all parts of the seat. Be sure to get them back and the headrest of the seat too.

Sanitize the door handles

Door handles are the most used part of the vehicle. They are used by everyone for entering and exiting the vehicle. That is why they require more thorough cleaning than any other part.

You must sanitize all the door handles from both sides of the doors. That means from outside and inside of the car too. Leaving even a small part can expose you to the danger of catching a disease.

Sanitize your hands

Once you are done with all the mentioned steps, you need to take off the gloves and sanitize your hands. It will help you remove any kind of germs that may have jumped to your hands before you began to sanitize your car.

If you skip this step, there is a chance that you might be bringing back the germs to the car by yourself.


Renting a vehicle is always a good way to travel to someplace if you are a tourist. But you must be extremely vigilant about the hygiene of the car too. So rental agencies try to avoid sanitizing the vehicles. So, the duty falls on you to properly sanitize your rental vehicle before using it. Otherwise, you might be putting yourself and your family in danger.

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