How to save money on fabric

Buying fabric is almost a hobby on its own. With a fabric addiction you have to know the top ways to get discount fabric. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for getting fabric!

Sign up for newsletters

Many fabric stores, both offline and online stores, have a newsletter. Handing over your email ID and signing up for the newsletter will generally provide you a primary discount code to use. Then reading those emails that they send will generally outcome in even more discounts. This is where you will find out about the specials and sales and they generally throw more coupon codes into that newsletter. Signing up is free and simple and having a few extra emails never damage anyone.

Use promo codes

When they send you those promo codes, use them! When you obtain a promo code on your receipt use it!  Download the application to check coupons! This is sure way to get 40 – 60 percent off all your fabric.

Wait for sales

If you wait long enough everything definitely goes on sales. If you do not need something at this time, wait until it is on sale. Each year there are many big sales so take benefit of those sales and stock up. The idea is to get just what is on sale and do not get drawn into purchasing anything else. When you enter for a sale just get those products that are on sale then wait it out for not sale items until they start sale. Practice is very important to getting the excellent deals!

Find the remnants section

At most crafts stores there is a big section with the little pieces leftover after the majority of the bolt is sold. You might also find fabric that a customer had cut and replaced their mind about. Ask an employee where discount remnants can be found and check it out each time you go. Possibilities are it changes daily. I generally find big enough pieces in this section to use for chair covers, napkins, and DIY heat packs.

Be patient

Craft shops tend to roll out “seasonal prints” for each holiday and season. If you view something like, do not purchase it right away, mainly if you are using it for a non-seasonal piece. It will get marked down dramatically as the season wears on and by the finish of the season you can generally get it for just a buck or two a yard.

Check thrift store or exchange stores

When you search for thrift shops, look into the linen racks where pillowcases and sheets are hung.  Lots of time people donate new cuts of fabric. Look carefully as sometimes it is difficult to tell if it is a cut of a sheet or fabric. I have found some remarkable, unused piece of cloth this way!

Are you ready to buy some extra fabric? Definitely you are! Give these tips for saving cash on fabric a try and view how simple it can be!

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