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How to Solve Slow Pc Problems?

What’s the feeling of operating a slow computer? You can stop doing that day’s tasks or even feel of destroying it, right? Are you tired enough of your slow working computer at home or in the workplace? What are the possible solutions to mend your slow-running computer?

If you need solutions to your slow-running PC, read through my article. I have gathered 7 possible ways you can employ to solve the slow-running problems of PCs. The solutions work on all window versions and experts have tried and approved them to be effective for this problem. Continue reading and you will find an amicable solution to try.

How to Solve Slow PC Problem

Operating a slow machine is not much different from using a spoon to mix concrete. With a slow computer, you will take a lot of time accomplishing set projects. Likewise, they might waste you and get caught up with deadlines. Should you just assume everything and get a newer machine?

But remember, even newer computers might work slowly for a lot of reasons. Computers being slow is common and there are a lot of strategies you can employ to solve this problem. Nerdknowbetter.com also has some useful resources which may help you  to solve this problem. Below are tested expert strategies you can use to change your computer’s speed drastically.

Scan for Viruses and Malware

Usually, when your computer speed goes down abnormally, there is the possibility of attacks by viruses and other malware. Malicious software might hit your computer to slow it down. Viruses and malicious software usually slow down the machine by interfering with web browsers. Before you think of taking any other step, you must scan your computer for such issues.

Don’t give room to such issues; simply scan your machine with a legit antivirus to stay safe. A legit antivirus program scans through the whole system, data, and files to showcase any unwanted programs. After a complete scan, fix the problems and there you have a speedy computer again.

Stop the Computer Tray Programs

You can scan the machine and find no virus or malware that has affected it. In such cases, try out to stop the un-useful programs. Usually, the tray programs keep running in the notification area or system tray. They will start immediately when you turn on the machine and continue working in the background. These applications might be the possible reasons for your computer’s reduced running speed.

Find these applications by clicking the up arrow icon located near the computer’s system tray. Here, you will see all the applications that run on the machine. Stop all those that aren’t useful to you to ensure the resource remains free. Try browsing over and note the difference.

Delete Meaningless Data

Another excellent way to approach such a problem is freeing up your computer’s disk space. Remember, the computer will slow down if it’s nearly full or full. This is a machine and it requires some space for the hard drive to work effectively.

Freeing up the computer disk space isn’t something to call for an expert. You can manually delete data in the disk by selecting an un-useful file and delete it. Likewise, the disk cleanup tool that comes in windows is also effective in doing up the cleaning exercise. Just launch it and wait for the computer to free up the disk.

Uninstall Other Programs

Not all programs on your computer are useful but they are just there adding unnecessary congestion. They are great causes of your slow-running machine and it’s better if you uninstall them. However, ensure you find them and not just delete on the desktop.

Now, the process involves opening the control panel and getting to the location of all installed programs. Click the meaningless programs and continue to install them. After the process, you can try browsing, and ideally, this might give you a solution.

Reduce PC Animations

The number of animations your computer uses means a lot to the speed you expect it to run. Usually, some animations are meaningless considering what you work on using your machine. You need to close all these and set the machine free.

Disabling animations involves right-clicking your computer’s start button and tab on the System option. Far to the left top side, select the advanced system setting, and then click Settings. Under the visual effects option, click on the adjust best performance section to get all your computer animations. Disable all or individual animation and test your computer again.

Reinstalling Windows

You might try all the above tips but still, things don’t work perfectly from your side. Once you find no solution to your computer problem, try reinstalling windows. Here, you require to install a new window version to your machine.

This is something to do yourself, employ the reset PC feature in your current windows to get a newer version. Installing new windows will wipe all programs on your machine. Furthermore, this will delete all malicious software that might contribute to slowing down your machine. After the reinstallation process, trust it you will solve your computer slow problem.

Update Software and Drivers

Lastly, updating your computer software and drivers is important to speed up its running process. Outdated software or drivers can get your web browser into problems making it slow down drastically. You can maintain your computer speed by maintaining your computer software and drivers always up to date.

Usually, updating software or drivers requires downloading latest versions. Get it and the computer will give you directions to update the version already in place. This way, you will improve the speed of your computer significantly.


You need to maintain your PC at the right running speeds to enjoy its services. However, since different things affect the speed aspect, it’s hard to determine the specific cause of your PC problems. But whenever such problems arise, you should solve them before growing big.

Above, we have enlightened PC owners and readers on the possible solutions of slow-running pcs. They are proved effective for speeding up your computer. Incorporate them and truly you will enjoy a speedy running computer.

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