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How to spray paint wood with a spray gun?

If you want to paint your furniture properly, using a spray gun is actually a very good idea. Not only do you get to fully customize your furniture with the color you want, but using a spray gun also helps make the process a lot easier. It all comes down to preparing adequately and making sure you have all the tools you need. Getting a paint spray machine in Sri Lanka is now affordable at 3000store.lk.

Thankfully, using a spray gun is always a great idea and it can help convey some really good results. Which does make you wonder, how can you paint wood with a spray gun? Here are some of the tips and tricks to help you get started.

Prepare your equipment and the furniture

Buy some equipment like a respirator and protective eyewear. Using a spray gun has its fair share of difficulties, and you want to tackle that the best possible way that you can. If you are painting furniture, make sure that you set up a drop cloth and paint on it to be safe. Covering any of the items nearby will also help a lot, so you can prevent any possible issues that might arise.

When it comes to preparing the wood, you want to sand it and ensure that you have it ready to go. Ideally, you want to avoid using any sandpaper that will damage it too much, so try to take that into consideration as much as possible here. Cleaning up the sanding dust with a shop vac and tack cloth is very helpful.

Setting up the paint and spray gun

Now that you set up some of the other stuff, your focus has to be on the painting process. First, you want to go with a stain blocking primer for the wood furniture, it works great and it conveys a lot of advantages, which is definitely something you want to work on as much as possible. In addition, you want to go for water based latex paint, because it dries out really fast. That’s a great benefit and it will just make things better if you think about it. Just avoid any rush and you will find yourself quite happy with the way this all comes together, something that you will appreciate more than you might imagine.

Strain the paint

You need to strain the paint via a paint strainer, then you can thin it with some paint thinner or water, depending on the situation. This will help make the process better and more cohesive, and the experience itself can be second to none every time.

Painting wood with the spray gun

After you finish this, you must go ahead and apply the primer. The way you do that is you pour primer into the spray gun’s cup until it’s 2/3 full. Hold the paint gun at around 30 cm from the furniture, this is helpful because you have a lot of control. On top of that, you want to press the trigger, then spray across the surface from one end right to the other. You will also need to cover the wood in primer with overlapping passes. Rinse all the parts with paint thinner or water, and let the primer dry. Once you finish that, you must sand it with 800 grit sandpaper.

Once you finish all of this, you want to apply a coat of paint just like you did when you used the primer. Clean the parts with a paint thinner, then you must wait around 5 to 8 hours so the paint dries and you can sand it. Now you want to do a second coat of paint with the same technique. After you finish that particular part, you can apply a sealer and that’s it. The entire process might take a while since you have to apply multiple coats and sand it, but it definitely helps and it delivers amazing results.


As you can see, you can use the spray gun to paint wood. But since this can be very messy due to the unpredictable nature of the spray gun, you need to avoid any rush and focus on getting the best experience. That doesn’t mean it will be simple, but at the end of the day it’s definitely something you need to take into consideration. We believe that using a spray gun to paint wood is a very good option and approach, and it can give amazing results. It’s definitely going to take a bit to implement it properly, but it’s totally worth the effort!

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