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No Experience Required: This 100-Day Moving Box Side Hustle Program Will Teach You Everything

Do you dream of launching a side hustle but don’t know where to start? Imagine having a roadmap, a step-by-step guide, and an experienced business coach leading you through the process of starting your own moving box rental business. No experience needed, no entrepreneurial skills required to start. That’s precisely what this 100-day program offers.

Carrie’s Courses has curated a 14-week long Moving Box Rental Side Hustle Program designed specifically for ambitious women like you, seeking to take the entrepreneurial leap. This program provides you with everything you need to build, launch, and run a successful moving box rental business from scratch.

The Journey Begins – Week One to Four

Starting any venture requires a solid foundation. During the first week, the side hustle course initiates your entrepreneurial journey with comprehensive market research and product exploration. It’s an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the course layout and meet your female cohorts who share the same ambitions.

During week two, you delve deeper by drafting a business plan, outlining logistics, deciding on the types and quantities of moving boxes to purchase, and settling on a catchy business and domain name.

Week three is about shopping for moving boxes and securing quotes based on Carrie’s expert recommendations. This week aims to narrow down the distributor(s) you will source your supplies from.

By week four, you’re ready to make your business official. It’s time to register your name, reserve your social media handles, and align your branding.

Building The Framework – Week Five to Eight

Week five focuses on your digital presence, providing access to your websites and walking you through customization, settings, and essential plugin functionalities.

In week six, together with your female cohorts and coach Carrie, you work on fine-tuning website pages and defining your delivery and product strategies through insightful group coaching sessions.

Week seven concentrates on bringing your delivery strategy to life on your website, customizing product categories, and tweaking the checkout form for a seamless user experience.

By week eight, you’ll learn to add a chat feature to your website, order supplies, and set up your business banking and insurance.

Perfecting Operations – Week Nine to Eleven

Week nine aims to create an efficient method of accepting delivery and picking up appointments. You’ll learn how to customize a booking appointment software, delivery pages, and tailor your email branding to ensure consistency.

In week ten, the focus is on email setup and commence testing the website with dummy orders, making adjustments until everything functions perfectly.

Week eleven looks at promo recommendations, sets up a customer review strategy and system, and also implements an accounting software to manage finances.

Wrapping Up – Week Twelve to Fourteen

In week twelve, Carrie goes into detail about the business lessons she’s learned since being a part of the rental industry since 2007. Based on these learnings, you create a solid Rental Agreement and set up frequently asked questions your clients may have.

Week thirteen emphasizes SEO training to set your site up for success. You’ll also discuss more marketing opportunities including posting ads, industry-specific advertising, and conduct thorough tests to ensure readiness for accepting new customers.

Finally, in week fourteen, you learn about social media platform setups and strategies, develop a content planner, and wrap everything up. The week concludes with peer site testing and feedback.

The Carrie’s Courses Advantage

This 14-week program is not just a course. It’s an immersive experience packed with unparalleled benefits that focuses on only one single type of side hustle:

  • A journey spanning 14-weeks, guiding you from inception to launch.
  • Lifetime access to all training materials and video lessons.
  • Weekly group coaching sessions for personalized guidance.
  • A customizable, automated website.
  • A private community for support from other female students.
  • A plethora of perks and features to ensure your entrepreneurial success.

With the 100-Day Moving Box Rental Side Hustle Program from Carrie’s Courses, you’re not only investing in a business venture but also in yourself, your dreams, and your financial independence. So, why wait? Take the leap, enroll today, and start your journey towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. You’ve got this! Book a Clarity Call with Carrie today.

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