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How to Spruce Up the Kitchen with Reclaimed Wood Countertops?

The kitchen is an excellent place to bring the richness that the wood has. Whether you are looking for a kitchen remodelling or complete building from scratch, installing reclaimed wood kitchen countertops is a good idea. They help you add sophistication, natural beauty, and style to your kitchen that other materials cannot match. Reclaimed wood has had a rich and wonderful history since ancient times.

The timeless appeal of wood also spruces modern and traditional designs and creates an inviting space you will love. Reclaimed wood countertops also provide excellent design flexibility and ensure you have a quieter kitchen. They are now available in many colours, styles. You can choose between rustic pine, heart pine, antique oak, and chestnut materials.

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Amazing Reclaimed Wood Countertops Ideas for kitchen

Follow our inspiring reclaimed wood countertop ideas to create the decor of your dreams:

1. Reclaimed White Oak Counters

Incorporating reclaimed white oak countertops is a good idea if you have a cabinet-style or farmhouse-type kitchen. These solid wood tops are easy to maintain and are food-safe.

They will also help you brighten up your space by helping you accomplish a rustic and clean ambience without getting overpowered. Try to pair oak wood countertops with stainless steel appliances to add an appealing contrast.

2. Reclaimed Wood Waterfall Countertop

A modern farmhouse kitchen with a waterfall countertop made with reclaimed wood helps you add a warm appearance and rustic and modern feel to your space. Reclaimed wood waterfall counters are available in a wide assortment of finishes and hues to complement any kitchen décor. They are easy to clean, and you can even re-seal them as required.

3. Large Kitchen Island with Reclaimed Chestnut Countertop

A large kitchen island offers you and your guest’s plenty of room to move and workaround. When you pair it up with a reclaimed chestnut counter, it will help you build a gorgeous space that feels effortless.

Did you know reclaimed chestnut is rare reclaimed wood and is even endorsed by LEED? Moreover, reclaimed chestnut wood is light golden brown and has a good character to attract your guests without overpowering the remaining area of your kitchen.

4. Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island with White Quartz Countertop

Making your kitchen look modern with reclaimed wood does not always mean replacing the countertops with reclaimed pine or oak. You can also pair up a reclaimed wood kitchen island with Caesarstone white Quartz countertops to add wonders to your kitchen.

Small kitchen islands make your kitchen appear contemporary, while tall ones help you bring a daring note. An island will also allow you to divide your kitchen. This offers your guests an area to enjoy food other than the kitchen table.

5. Reclaimed Heart Pine Countertops with White Cabinets

Counters made up of reclaimed heart pine look incredible and are durable too. The grain comes with dark swirls and streaks. Hence, pair them up with white cabinetry. The yellowish pumpkin colour of reclaimed heart pine and white cabinets help you to spruce up your kitchen in no time.

White kitchen cabinets are known for their timeless simplicity. However, they also can match any kitchen decor and even go nicely with coloured appliances or hardware finishes – regardless of whether you pick nickel, chrome, stainless steel or others.

  1. Reclaimed Cherry Countertops with Dovetails or Black Cabinets

Reclaimed cherry counters are moderately durable and give your kitchen an airy and light feel. American Cherry has a 950 Janka hardness rating. You can add sleek black cabinets or dovetails with your cherry countertops to help you bring elegance to your home.

Dovetail drawers are high-quality drawers that offer large storage space. But, on the other hand, choosing black cabinets creates a feeling of luxury. So, this will help you add sophistication and life to your kitchen instantly.

7. Reclaimed Maple Countertops with Grey or Cream Cabinets

Having reclaimed maple wood countertops topped with grey or cream-coloured cabinets help you enhance your home. Reclaimed maple wood, when used in countertops, adds an open feel to the kitchen. In addition, its light shade mixes well with any colour.

Moreover, reclaimed maple wood displays gorgeous shades and patterns with age. But it’s not that highly durable as oak. Gray cabinets create anticipation for other aspects of your kitchen. On the other hand, cream cabinets create a cozy atmosphere in both small and large spaces.

8. White Kitchen with Earthy Reclaimed Wood Countertop

As you know, more and more individuals are now craving brightness in the kitchen. So, pairing your white kitchen design with a reclaimed wood countertop is a good idea. It helps you create a two-tone design naturally.

Moreover, reclaimed wood is a green building material that gives you warmth and beauty. Sealed reclaimed wood countertops also help you lower the risk of bacteria and mould occurring on the countertop.

Wrapping Up:

When picking the kitchen countertop, paying great attention to other aspects based on aesthetics is essential. So, you must choose a material that will completely satisfy hygienic and safety conditions. Today, the market is filled with countless countertop materials.

A reclaimed wood countertop is a great choice if you desire a pleasant feel to your kitchen with an eco-friendly twist. Reclaimed wood is typically used for rustic or farmhouse-inspired wood countertop designs. It brings a rustic charm, warmth and a sense of history to your home.

This green material is long-lasting and can serve you for many decades. You just need to ensure that your countertops are properly sealed. Also, remember, you need to refinish them after a few years. The total cost of reclaimed wood countertops depends on the reclaimed wood available in your region, size, shape, and wood species you have selected. When you shop for them, do not forget to talk with an experienced countertop expert. They will guide you every step of your way.

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