How to Start Windows 11 Safe Mode

Have you installed windows 11 but it isn’t working as expected? Are there some features, apps, or drivers that are behaving abnormally and causing operational problems? While in this scenario, you might be wondering how you can sort this out. In this case, the best tools that you can use to troubleshoot this are the Windows 11 Safe Mode. But make sure that if you install Microsoft Office 2016 in windows generate the genuine, Microsoft Office 2016 product key from reputable online sources.

What happens when you start Windows 11 in Safe Mode?

Opening Windows in safe mode means that your windows will be loading with a basic user interface, and will be using essential services and drivers. This helps to keep away the things that cause crashes most of the time. But how can you enter safe mode when using Windows 11? Luckily, there are many ways that you can use to get Windows 11 into safe mode and among them include:

1. Stopping the personal computer from booting normally

Failsafe witch is one of the features that are triggered when Windows 11 doesn’t start the normal way. After 3 failed attempts, Windows 11 enters into a repair mode automatically. What you should do is to interrupt Windows 11 after three booting attempts by pressing the normal Power or Restart button and keeping it pressed for up to 4 seconds. This puts Windows 11 in automatic repair mode.

2. Restarting Windows 11 in Safe Mode using a USB installation drive or DVD, together with command prompts

You can use a USB stick to get your Windows 11 into safe mode. A DVD that has a windows 11 setup can also be used. You can use the one that you already have, and if you don’t, you may try to make one. When you have a functional one, you can use it in booting your personal computer. Choose the language, as well as the keyboard layout which you may prefer, then click next.

3. Using a recovery drive

You can get into safe mode in Windows 11 by using a system-recovery USB drive. Start by creating a USB-based recovery drive on another Windows 11 computer. To create a recovery drive that you will use, boot the Windows 11 PC using a USB recovery drive and select the best keyboard layout that suits your needs. The next steps will be to go to “Advanced options -> Startup Settings -> Restart” and press F4 to make your system boot into a minimal safe mode. You can press F6 if you want to go to safe mode with Command Prompt, F5 to enter safe mode with Networking, and F4 to make the system boot into minimal mode.

4. Starting Windows 11 in Safe Mode using System Configuration (msconfig.exe)

Using the system configuration tool is one of the easiest ways to start Windows 11 in Safe Mode. This tool is popularly known as the msconfig.exe and you can use it to start windows 11 in safe mode fast.

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