What Should You Look for in Metrology Services
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What Should You Look for in Metrology Services?

Metrology is a specialized industry that has become indispensable to several of its industry counterparts — everything from aerospace to healthcare. If you’re a production manager or shop floor operator, you’ve likely encountered metrology products and have possibly even used them before.

When it comes to looking for a metrology provider, there are plenty of companies that claim to offer quality and efficiency — but it can be challenging to identify which companies are worth the investment unless you know which qualities and characteristics to look for.

Consider these guidelines, and you’ll be on the right track to selecting metrology services that meet the demands of your business.

1.    Their Product Lines

A reputable metrology provider will have a wide range of equipment to choose from, varying in price points and capabilities. Product diversity allows companies of various sizes and with different needs to benefit from coordinate measurement machines.

If a company only has brand new and pricier equipment, they’re neglecting a significant portion of their customer base. Trusted metrology providers will also have an inventory of fully working used CMM equipment that is calibrated to today’s industry standards. This allows their customers to utilize their accurate measurements and data collection without risking their company’s budget.

2.    Their Certifications

Without proper certifications, a metrology company cannot provide accurate and safe equipment to its customers. Certifications hold companies accountable and ensure the public that they have the training and knowledge to provide their designated products and services.

The primary metrology certification is ISO — which comes from the non-governmental International organization for Standardization. ISO is the leading industry standard for products, services, and systems within companies like metrology and CMM providers.

When looking for the right provider for your company, ensure you’ve seen their certifications before proceeding — with this information, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re utilizing safe and effective services and aren’t compromising your business.

3.     Flexibility

Your company’s needs are likely changing weekly or even daily, which means you need a metrology provider that can move with you. A trusted CMM provider will have the tools and resources to adapt to your measurement needs — which could mean switching from a stationary to a portable CMM to better calculate the data on your production floor.

4.    Customer Satisfaction

Like any trustworthy company, proven customer satisfaction is essential — especially if you’re looking to utilize their services for the first time. When choosing a metrology provider, you want to ensure others have used and approved their equipment before you spend a considerable sum on renting or purchasing their machines.

5.    Repairs & Calibrations

While quality metrology equipment like CMMs can withstand significant wear and tear, they require annual calibration and maintenance to ensure they’re able to perform at their highest level.

As you continue to look for your preferred provider, be sure to confirm they offer these services. Without them, your equipment could fail or record inaccurate data. Calibrations and maintenance will ensure your machines perform to the current industry standards so that you can produce quality products or equipment.

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