Meet the Graphene Jacket for Every Climate

Meet the Graphene Jacket for Every Climate

The fashion world is experiencing seismic changes every year as trends change and people want new outfits to play with. At times, this change is not brought on by shifting color preferences or designer choices but the invention of new materials and fabrics for use in specialist and everyday clothes and jackets. One material that’s been making waves, previously in the scientific community and other industries, now arriving in fashion, is graphene. This ultralight, extremely durable material, composed of a single layer of carbon atoms, has somewhat unique properties that make it attractive for garment creators. However, the production methods had not advanced enough to attempt mass-manufacturing clothes using graphene until very recently.

Enter Wear Graphene, which utilizes graphene injection into traditional garment polymers to bring them to the next level. Wear Graphene’s flagship product is the GAMMA jacket, a heated jacket that uses graphene-infused nylon to bring customers all-terrain apparel that will last for years to come.

The jacket’s primary use of graphene is to strengthen the fabric and make it more heat-conductive. Graphene is also highly UV resistant, allowing the black jacket to actually reflect most of the sunlight in warmer weather. Coupled with the graphene blend’s moisture-wicking capabilities, the Graphene jacket is a perfect windbreaker that keeps the wearer cool and dry.

Cold weather is where GAMMA’s graphene layer really comes to shine. The  Graphene jacket absorbs and distributes some of the wearer’s body heat, trapping it inside the jacket and keeping the wearer in a bubble of insulated warm air. In freezing conditions, the body heat can be supplemented with integrated heaters running through the jacket’s back and torso sections. Graphene’s superior heat conductivity allows it to distribute the heat evenly and avoid local heat spots. The heaters run on a USB-connected power bank and can get to a scorching 60 degrees Celsius within minutes at the press of a button. Overall, the Graphene jacket can potentially provide enough warmth to allow the user to trek in minus 30-degree weather for several hours.

You might think that all this heating and all-climate control would weigh the jacket down and make it uncomfortable. In reality, the fabric blend is extremely light, with the entire jacket weighing just over a pound. This makes it a desirable choice of clothes for outdoor and sports enthusiasts. You can fit this Graphene jacket into a travel case or backpack without worrying about luggage capacity or fees. Alternatively, just keep the jacket on at all times. It’s what it was made for in the first place.

The jacket’s functionality is complemented by ten pockets spread all over to maximize carrying capacity. It’s handy for one-day trips and daily commutes, keeping all valuables safe from rain thanks to its utterly water-resistant fabric and zippers.

If that’s not enough to satisfy the hardcore outdoorsmen, how about graphene’s superior durability that will ensure the fabric won’t fray, puncture, or rip even when confronted by sharp objects like survival tools and knives? The jacket’s generous sizing means it’s easy to layer up and add cushioning and comfort as needed.

Apart from its peak functionality and all-climate adaptability, the Graphene jacket is stylish enough to last for years. The minimalistic appearance and neutral black color make the jacket likely to transcend trends, fitting the emerging ‘techwear’ look that’s become popular in recent years. However, the jacket will be perfectly comfortable when worn over traditional clothing options and can pull off a decent coupling with more formal outfits as added protection.

With an astounding number of benefits, it’s no wonder Wear Graphene’s crowdfunding campaigns have raised millions of dollars so far and kept going. It’s a precedent that other brands are likely to follow as the clothing industry looks towards more technologically improved apparel. Visit to learn more about the GAMMA jacket’s crowdfunding campaign and innovations.

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