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Abandoned Places Near Me: Abandoned Locations Close To You

There is something both striking and eerie about finding the most popular and nearby abandoned places around the world.

Whether It is Bolivia’s train cemetery or art subway station in New York, each station or location signifies the snapshot of the historic time.

You can take it too to these sites worldwide that consist of beauty remained in broken dust and glass. Let’s find out what are some of the best abandoned locations to explore around us below!

Better Than Your Average Nearby Abandoned Places: Chicken Church (Indonesia)

Unlike going to the closest abandoned places in your area like most people simply do after locating from https://easynearme.com/locations/abandoned-places-near-me, if you are the adventurous type who wants to go into the central jungles of Java, then you might have to stumble upon the dilapidated church that contains most of the parts that are awesome as well as confusing.

The chicken church, which is known as Gereja Ayam, Is the most popular and ancient architecture.

This church intends to have a dome-like shape and has opened its doors in the 1990s. It serves as a worship centre and rehab for all religions, but unfortunately, the construction cost became too high, and this project was abandoned in 2000.

It has foul fowl, which has become a destination for the tourist these days. It also has the most adorning interiors and incredible views surrounding the forest through the beak and a small cafe treats near tail feathers.

Tianducheng, Hangzhou ( China)

This place looks like post-apocalyptic Paris, which is made as a miniature of the capital of France located at a distance of 40 minutes from Hangzhou.

This is ambitious development of real estate built in 2007, and it was completed its own 300 ft.

Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees. Unfortunately, China had attempted to recreate the city of light but ended up being more creepy than romantic when the real Paris entered suddenly upside down.

Here, only thousands of residents are there and hardly 10,000 houses, but the street is empty.

Rummu Prison( Estonia)

There are many underwater sites present worldwide, but Estonia’s Rummu prison is known to be the creepiest place.

The Soviet Union built up this prison, and it was filled with inmates in 1914, where prisoners were always forced to work in the nearest limestone quarry.

This jail was abandoned after Estonia gained independence In the year 1991. Due to the lack of supervision, this quarry was filled with water.

The popular beach among scuba divers who wanted to explore mining equipment and some marched buildings below the surface.

Pripyat( Ukraine)

Pripyat was a city that was mostly affected by the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl in the year 1986.

This incident has released a massive amount of radiation that forced the residents to flee away from there.

This spot is not considered one of the most popular abandoned places in the world. It is a park that has become much famous due to which  Ukraine is now an official tourist attraction.

Houtouwan , Sheng Shan island (China)

Houtouwan is a village of former fishing located about 87 mi to the southeast of Shanghai, which has been inhabited for several years, and this is not a ghost town.

Instead, it is covered with dust and rubble, and the buildings are almost entirely covered with lush vegetation and creeping ivy, recreating a more popular green landscape than devastating.

Most of the original village residence moved to the inland in the year 1990, and if few people are leaving still in this island by selling water to the curious photographers and tourists.

Dome homes ( Florida)

If you could find Luke Skywalker in Florida, you would be meditating in the dome homes of Marco Island.

This consists of a dome-shaped home that looks like an alien, but these are similar to the brainchild of a retired oil tycoon who has beard this structure in 1981 to have a good vacation for his family.

Florida is surrounded by dome homes and has harsh weather conditions. There is no such plan to try re-occupying buildings to make up the legends about the place from where they came and the purpose they served there.

City Methodist ( Indiana)

This place is famous as it is Michael Jackson’s birthplace, known to be the music man. It is also famous for Gary, Indiana, which is the eeriest,  prettiest, and Abandoned church found in this country.

It was originally built in 1926 with the money that US Steel donated made up of stone pillars, architecture, and stained glass.

Final Thoughts

It would be best if people visited all these closeby abandoned places to get deeper information about those areas and the secrets behind those monuments and architectures.

These are just some of the abandoned places near you, but you can find many of such kinds by browsing and visiting different sites.

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