Ignore Your Text

When Someone Ignore Your Text

This is a generation that, if someone ignores you in real life that is ok. I mean, when you meet that person in a public place like the market, shopping mall or any other place. Well, that is good or you can handle it. But if someone ignores you on social media or ignores your text. Then that thing is very big for you or people of today’s generation. But if the person, who ignores you, is that person that I am busy with. Then people or you also do not trust it, whether you think that person is telling a lie. Sometimes you may have a fight with that person, who ignores you. Because you do not know how to handle it when someone ignores you. Whether you do that thing, which comes into your mind, or which feeling you get. Whether you want to express that in front of that person who ignores you. But you have to understand that in this way you can express your emotion. You have to do something when someone ignores your text.

Don’t waste time and energy

First thing, what you can do is just texting that person. If that person ignores your one text, then you do not need to send another text to that person. Now, what you can do, you do not need to waste your time and energy on that person. This is not a small thing like, that you order a gift for your sibling and you do online rakhi delivery to your sibling. You can not waste time in this way, that you do not wait for the text which that person does to you. You can save your energy this way,  you want to do anything that wastes your energy. You do not need to do such things not eat food. Because that person ignores your text message and you are angry because of this thing. You should eat and not eat that food, which you do not like but you should like to eat that food which you like. The person has to text you, that person text you do not need anymore that person text. With this mindset, you have to handle your ignorance. So this is something you can do when someone ignores your text message.

Don’t look like a desperate

Give time to them

If someone ignores your text, then you do not look like you are very desperate. You do not look desperate, by texting that person again and again. When you are constantly texting the person the same thing repeatedly. If you do not do this thing, then you do not look like a desperate one.  If you do not look desperate, maybe the person who ignores you will start texting desperately. So this thing you can do as well when someone ignores your text.

The person, who you are texting, maybe that person is busy doing the thing or work. When that person gets free from that thing or works then that person texts you from himself or herself. Whether or not that person is doing some work online, that’s why that person doesn’t text you. Maybe work like online gift shopping or other things as well.  You just need to wait, until that person doesn’t text you. Maybe they work for the person who is more important than you, so you have understood this. When the person gets free, not only does the person text you but tells you the reason as well. So you can do this thing as well when someone ignores your text.

More time to think

Maybe you are a sharp thinker or a faster thinker, but the person whom you are texting. That person is not like you, so it can be that the person wants more time to think before texting you. So if you are texting that person, then you have to understand that. What is the nature of that person, whom you text? Whether the person is a faster thinker or a slow one. Then you can do this thing as well when someone ignores your text.

So you have to understand the point of view of that person as well, who is ignoring your text. Whether that person is busy or whether the person is a slow thinker. That the person has ignored you, purposely. You have to find out, before taking any decision. After that, you think, whether your text gets ignored or whether it is just a normal thing. Which you understand in a wrong way

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