Breast Cancer

5 Ways You Can Support Breast Cancer Awareness This Year

Breast cancer is a terrible disease that affects millions of women across the world every year.

The US alone has more than 300,000 new cases each year and if you were to ask around in your social circles, you would surely find someone who has been affected by it and has got an excisional breast biopsy.
Bringing awareness about breast cancer and raising your voice to increase support for the people who have it is essential. If you have any interest in taking on the cause of the people who are suffering from breast cancer, then here are five things that you can do.
  1. Support a cancer patient in your circle

If you want to support breast cancer awareness, there is nothing more productive than supporting someone who has it. Not only will it give you a firsthand perspective of what it is like to deal with this horrible disease, but it will also allow you to talk more intimately and effectively on the matter when advocating your support for the patients. However, that is only the part related to you. The impact your support would have on the person that you are supporting cannot even be quantified. They would never forget your efforts and would be eternally grateful for your help. If direct help is not possible, you can still support them by donating things like hats, scarves, and even clothing to chemotherapy wards.

  1. Wear the pink ribbon

The pink ribbon has been known as an internationally recognized symbol for the fight against breast cancer. It is the easiest and the simplest method of expressing your support for the cause and being mindful about the suffering of breast cancer patients. While you can certainly do it all year long, there is also a dedicated day for wearing the pink ribbon and that is the 18th of October which is also the world breast cancer day. You should at least do it on that date and even ask your friends, family, and colleagues to wear pink dresses and ribbons on that day.

  1. Spread awareness through educating (yourself and others)

Given how common breast cancer is, you should make sure that the people in your social circles and area are fully educated about breast cancer. Having this information can not only help people avoid serious problems, but it can also help with early identification and treatment. Spread awareness any way you can and encourage your friends to get a mammogram done to find out if they’ve any abnormalities or a chance of developing breast cancer.

  1. Support the right cause

Being frequently talked of means that breast cancer is also a popular source of marketing for many companies. They tend to show support only in October and the real reason for their support is just to boost sales. So, whenever you feel like you are getting guilt-tripped by some company, take some time to research the support that they are actually providing for the cause. Instead of buying your products from a company that only runs one yearly campaign focused on their products, choose a company that does it all year long and actively participates in breast cancer awareness programs.

  1. Spend your own money on research

Perhaps the biggest impact that you can have against the disease is to spend money directly on research to cure this disease. Find a good laboratory with a reputation for bringing results and has an actively running program for breast cancer research. Donate your money to them and support the cause financially.


All the methods mentioned here are great tools to show your support for breast cancer patients. We highly recommend that you do as many of these things as you can.

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