Your Guide to Traveling with Incontinence

Traveling allows us to experience new and exciting things. We learn about new cultures, try new foods, and meet new people while traveling. While you may be hesitant to travel if you have incontinence, you should know that traveling with incontinence is not as challenging as you think.

This article provides tips on traveling when you have urinary incontinence.

Talk to your travel mates                      

Having a conversation about your urinary incontinence with your friends and family can be a little uncomfortable, but it is necessary to help them understand your issue. The people you travel must be aware of your travel needs.

Tell your travel mates about your UI and how often you need to use the restroom. Don’t be embarrassed about it. Your friends and family will be understanding and want to make your travel experience smooth and comfortable.

Talk to your doctor

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Talk to your doctor at least a few weeks before you go on a trip. Ask your doctor about medications you can take that may help you control incontinence during the trip. Let the medication kick in and let your body get used to it for a few weeks before your trip.

Plan bathroom stops

Knowing where rest stops and bathrooms are located is important while traveling with incontinence. Plan bathroom stops ahead of time so you will not be panicking while on the road about whether or not you can get to a bathroom in time.

Use a GPS to determine where restrooms are on the way. Plan bathroom trips every one to two hours based on your needs. The bathroom stops should be about 30 minutes after eating or drinking. Being prepared will help you feel relaxed on your trip.

Protective underwear

There are products you can buy that will help you manage your urinary incontinence. For example, protective underwear can help you feel confident while managing your UI.

Before your trip, try out different types of protective underwear until you find the one that is right for you.

On-the-go disposal products are also a good thing to pack while traveling. Seat protectors, bed protectors, disposable bags, and extra underwear are all essentials to pack for a trip when you have UI. The more you prepare, the more confident you will feel.

Eat the right foods

While traveling, it is important to eat the right food and drinks. Try not to consume food and drink that will irritate your bladder. Knowing what food and drinks irritate your bladder is essential.

Avoid spicy foods, dairy products, alcohol, pickles, artificial sweeteners and sugar, yogurt, tomatoes, carbonated drinks, citrus foods, and caffeine.

You should avoid these foods not only on your road trip, but for a few days before the trip as well.

Just because you have UI doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel. You can experience new things, learn about new cultures, and meet new people with your friends and family.

The best tips for traveling with UI are: be prepared by packing the right products and planning bathroom stops ahead of time, talking to your doctor and your friends and family about your condition, and avoiding eating food and drinks that may irritate your bladder.

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