Fun for Your Kids

Your Guide to Making Your Backyard More Fun for Your Kids

Seems like all kids want to do these days is set in the house and play on their phones or laptops. Gone are the days where kids play in the yard from dawn till dusk. They would rather video chat or play video games all day. There has to be a way to make your backyard more inviting and get those kids outside for a change, right?

Get Your Kids Outside

There are several things you can do to make your kids more tempted to hang out in the back yard and hopefully they will also put down their phone for a while. Here is a list of a few ideas to get them outside more often…..

1.   Tree Swing

A great way to get your kids in the backyard is to encourage them to help you with a project. If you have a piece of wood and rope for a tree swing you are practically almost finished with a project. You will just have to find a drill to put holes into the wood board and find a sturdy tree branch in your yard.

Your kids will enjoy this project because it is quick and simple. Since they get to see the results almost instantly it feels like they accomplished something and this will make them want to use the tree swing all the time. Maybe even without a phone in their hands. 🙂

2.   Water Gun & Water Balloon Wars

Next time you see any water balloons or guns on sale you should purchase several so that you can start stocking them up. Then make sure to hold onto any large cardboard boxes that come through your home. Fridge boxes and the boxes of other large appliances work best.

Take the boxes and build barriers in your backyard that can be used as cover during battle. You can even create forts on either end of the backyard out of boxes. You will want to buy several large plastic buckets to place strategically around the backyard so people can refill their water guns. You will also want buckets that can be placed around and filled with water balloons.

Once everything is in place you are ready to start the battle. You can even use this setup to play a version of capture the flag. Once you start having water guns & balloon wars your backyard will be the most popular one in the neighborhood and your kids will play outside all summer long.

3.  Hang Some Hammocks

A great way to get your kids to spend more time in the backyard is by creating an area that they can use to just relax and lounge around. The easiest way to achieve this is by hanging a few hammocks in your backyard. You can find hammocks at many retailers and sometimes for as low as $5.

You can choose to spread the hammocks out around the yard or you can place them all in the same vicinity if you want. If your yard does not have any tree hanging one main pole and fanning out the hammocks to individual poles is a great way to quickly hang them in the same area.

Spruce Up the Yard & Get Your Kids Outside

It is time for you to start sprucing up the backyard to entice your kids to get outside more. Go ahead and get the supplies for them to build a tree swing and for you to hang some hammocks. Don’t forget to save big boxes and stock up on water guns and balloons. Before you know it you will have kids that are begging to play in the backyard.

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