Most households today have an elite laundry room, keeping the whole place organized! Additionally, doing the laundry becomes much more manageable and consolidated. But though it may seem like a small space, designing a laundry utility is becoming significant. A laundry benchtop is one essential aspect that makes the space function with effectiveness. Not only do they provide space for stacking washed clothes, but they also add richness and an enticing appeal to any laundry room. Concrete benchtops can be one elegant and durable option, in this case.

A common misconception among people is that a concrete benchtop would mimic a regular rugged slab. But in reality, these concrete countertops resemble stone options and come in a medley of colours and patterns. Other surface options include marbles, lamination, timber, metal, and many more! One incredible advantage of concrete benchtops is that they can easily get embedded with other stones eventually, creating distinct pattern options! Additionally, concrete is easily shapeable, so any dimension is pitchable. And so, it is undoubtedly the best choice for a customizable laundry space design!

Benefits of concrete laundry benchtops

So, going by the fact that concrete is easily the first option one would find, here is why. Check out these five pros of installing concrete benchtops in the laundry space!

1. Extended durability

Concrete is a highly durable surface material and is highly resistant to scratches and cracks. Even if they rarely get scratched, they are quickly reversible! These benchtops are also moisture resistant and do not absorb dampness even when one piles wet clothes over them. Additionally, concrete benchtops are resistant to heat and thus, act as an all-time safe choice!

2. Maintenance? What’s that?

Concrete laundry countertops do not require heavy maintenance or blowing some cents from hand for the same. Sealing with a good wax sealer once every year is all one must do to keep their benchtops stain resistant. However, resealing is also an uncomplicated and quick process and can happen within hours!

3. Lasting aestheticism

Most people would love to pay extra care in making their laundry spaces beautiful and luxurious. In such cases, concrete benchtops can be the best choice. By appearance, it looks smooth, glossy, and polished. Additionally, with both intricate patterns and solid surfaces, concrete countertops perfectly complement any laundry space. For anyone looking for a novel design, concrete incorporated with stones like quartz can sound remarkable.

4. Of course, save money!

Laundry countertops are a one-time investment and choosing a concrete surface means forever! And so, concrete benchtops are worth every cent and last longer, saving money on a possible reinstallation. Since the maintenance is also minimal, concrete benchtops are genuinely a long-term budget option!

5. Broad shade options

Concrete laundry countertops come in several colour and tone options. White laundry countertops are seemingly popular these days because they solely drive a killer look to any laundry space! While some elegant stone or glass options do not last long, many go with compromising the style they loved and pick a durable alternative. But with concrete benchtops, both vogue and strength go hand in hand. But how? It’s because concrete can replicate any stone like quartz, marble, or glass of choice with a polished finish yet retaining the properties of concrete.

A concrete laundry benchtop can go well with any laundry space style, be it modern, classic, or rustic. Additionally, they boost the value of the entire property. And So, create a better resale value for anyone planning to sell off their flat or house!

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