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Setting Up Your Own Photography Studio

As a photographer working with a number of clients. You may have found yourself in need of some additional space to complete your photography projects. Deciding to set up your very own photography studio seems like the next big step in any photographer’s career. This will provide a range of benefits, helping to achieve high-quality outcomes for your shoots. Here, Clickasnap have provided a helpful ‘how to’ for setting up your own photography studio and how this will benefit you and improve the quality of your images.

Decide where your studio will be

To begin the process of creating your new photography studio, it is wise to determine where this will be located. During this process you should consider the budget you have for your studio and how accessible this needs to be. Particularly if you will have clients visiting your studio.

Home photography studios

If you’re just starting out and only need some additional space but likely do not have the budget for a professional space, creating a home studio is a great alternative. You could set up a home studio in your spare bedroom, garage, or even a custom-built garden room with some basic equipment such as cameras, tripods, a green screen, a pop-up photography tent, and an affordable softbox lighting kit.

Renting a studio space

For photographers with bigger client lists or projects which require more space and time, a studio space which can be rented would provide ample space and facilities. Often you may find small office spaces for rent within city centres, or studios within shared spaces where you can work from. Choosing the location should be determined by the cost, transport links, convenience for you and your clients etc. If you work regularly with clients, for example your work is focused on portrait photography or fashion work, a city centre location is ideal.

You will also need to consider how much space you need to complete your work and if you would like extra space for an editing station in your studio. If you work alongside others, such as an assistant and editor, ask if they would like to collaborate within this space, simplifying your workflow and sharing your workload.

Equipment for your photography studio

Before spending a fortune on expensive photography to fill the space in your studio, consider if you will be using this regularly. Some of the most basic photography equipment a studio you should have includes:

  • Lighting
  • Cameras
  • Collapsible Backdrops and green screens
  • Memory cards and hard drives
  • Computers and laptops

Additional extras to consider

Some additional extras to consider, which will make life, working from your studio, much easier are:

Storage – To keep your equipment safe and stored away over night or when you are not working, ample storage is always a must have. This will also keep your studio clean for when making a good first impression on visiting clients.

Power – With the majority of equipment you will need access to a power supply and lots of extension cables. When renting a unit or studio space, check this is available to you and what the additional costs of using the power supply may be.

Furniture – To make your studio feel comfortable, consider investing in some furniture such as sofas and desks which can be used both during shoots and throughout the working day.

Props – Many photographers use props during shoots, it’s a good idea to set up a designated box or storage unit for any props you have collected during your time as a photographer. You never know when you will need to dust off your props for the latest client shoot.

Styling your photography studio

This is the fun part for most creatives! Interior design. Here you can be as creative as you like, finalising the finishing touches of your studio by making it yours. With some small decorative pieces or framing some of your best shots, you can create a space which feels like a warm and inviting space which will be welcoming for any clients you work with.

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