Is Aquamoto Skimbot a Reliable Pool Skimmer?

Keep your Pool Entirely Spotless with Aquamoto Skimbot

Having a swimming pool in your outdoor space can provide numerous benefits. If there are plenty of children in your house, your swimming pool could give them a lot of happy moments. It’s also perfect for family reunions, gatherings, and parties.

Although having a pool is quite advantageous, maintaining it can be tiresome sometimes. If you don’t have the right equipment, this cleaning task would be a big problem for you. But if you truly care for your pool, you would want to keep it sparkling clean and extremely dirt-free, right?

It’s quite a good thing that you’re reading this article. At this point, we’re going to talk about a superior pool skimmer – the Aquamoto Skimbot Robotic Solar Powered Pool Cleaner. It sounds highly futuristic, isn’t it?

Well, the Aquamoto Skimbot is fully equipped with newfangled cleaning technology. It’s loaded with uncommon and innovative features that will ascertain a phenomenal cleaning experience. This pool skimmer helps you maintain the utmost spotlessness and cleanliness of your pool without you having to get involved.

Pool skimmers draw in water from the surface where most unwanted elements such as fallen hair, detritus, body oils, and dirt are found.

Before the arrival of the Aquamoto Skimbot, you might need to skim your pool manually for quite a few hours daily. But since we have this advanced pool skimmer, all you have to do is drop it in the pool and you can see that your pool is already free of contaminants by the end of the day!

To know more about the Aquamoto Skimbot, let’s now get into its features.

How is the Aquamoto Skimbot Designed?

Unlike some of the pool skimmers that are bulky and heavy, the Aquamoto Skimbot is made out of lightweight materials. Its size is also very ideal; not too small but not too large. It can be very easy to carry to any pool area you want as its weight is only less than 5 kilos!

Since the size is tightly packed, it allows for easy storage. Because of its lightness and compactness, it’s so much easier to transport anywhere. This pool skimmer is also made out of ultraviolet-resistant plastic. Meaning, it’s much more durable than any other pool skimmer.

The Aquamoto Skimbot can withstand either hot or cold temperatures. It can still function even if the environment of the pool is very harsh. It can be used even if the weather is sunny or rainy.

How Does the Aquamoto Skimbot Work?

This pool skimmer is powered by solar energy. The battery of the Aquamoto Skimbot gets charged whenever the sunlight is converted into electricity. The solar-charged battery enables the pool skimmer to work continuously and clean your swimming pool precisely.

Due to the fact that the Aquamoto Skimbot is solar-powered, it helps you save energy and money. The pool skimmer can persistently function under the sunlight; it even gets charged while cleaning the pool. Even so, if you’re planning to operate this pool skimmer on rainy or cloudy days, you have to make sure that it’s fully charged so it can finish the cleaning task.

The battery used in this pool skimmer is lithium-ion. It’s fully rechargeable and it offers a lower amount of discharge rate. Lithium-ion batteries also offer environmental benefits. But what if the battery gets damaged after a few years? Well, that won’t be a big problem because you can easily replace the battery with a new one.

Since it’s battery and solar-powered, there’s no need for messy cables and cords. The sunlight will be the main source of the skimmer’s energy and power. You can just simply put this in your pool and it’ll do its job independently.

Moreover, the Aquamoto Skimbot has side and forward durable paddles that amplify the cleaning performance and capacity. The side paddles deal with the hindrances encountered in the pool and it enables the skimmer to access tight spaces. The forward paddles help in providing the device’s moving thrust and in gathering the floating debris.

How does the skimmer work on the pool surface? Well, the pool skimmer offers a very intelligent navigation technology. It has newfangled sensors that notify the robotic skimmer in the event of encountering hindrances. The pool cleaner can access all the surfaces – narrow edges, small corners, and obstacles.

What Elements Can the Aquamoto Skimbot Clean?

This solar-powered pool skimmer can rigorously eliminate fallen hair, detritus, algae, leaves, pests, oil, and other pool elements of all sizes and shapes. The pool skimmer can clean all of these contaminants without you having to supervise them.

It can also deal with your pool’s most stubborn areas without losing its suction as it has reliable and enhanced water propulsion technology. Furthermore, it also comes with a slidable dirt-collecting tray that stops all the detritus and dirt from falling back to the pool.

Does the Aquamoto Skimbot Have any Special Features?

This innovative pool skimmer can be operated using a smartphone as it can be connected via Bluetooth. You just have to install the Aquamoto Skimbot’s contemporary app so you can have access to its special features. Using this function, you can monitor the pool’s temperature, modify the cleaning settings, and check the battery condition.

What’s also amazing about this pool skimmer is its anti-theft function. This feature warns the owner in the event of theft. To be more knowledgeable about this matter, you can read the instruction manual that comes with this gadget.

The Aquamoto Skimbot can also be controlled with a remote. Using the remote control, you can command the skimmer to clean a specific area. Additionally, this intelligent cleaning device allows you to schedule the cleaning task in advance. It can clean your pool according to your chosen schedule without you having to monitor it.

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