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How to stay safe while gambling online

More and more people are trying online gambling for the first time and realizing that it is just as much, if not more fun than gambling in a brick and mortar casino. Online casinos and digital gambling platforms also provide a gambling experience that is more accessible than any before. Now gamblers can enjoy tossing the dice or playing the slots while on the train home from work, in between pints with friends or before bed at night.

However, with the increased accessibility of online gambling comes concern over user safety and security, and responsible gambling. The good news is that there are several different steps gamblers can take to increase their cybersecurity and to practice responsible gambling while online. Keep reading to learn more about how to stay safe while gambling online.

The rise of the online gambling industry

The online gambling industry has greatly expanded over the course of the last decade, and it shows no signs of slowing down. As more and more online casino companies launch digital gambling platforms and niche players join the fray, it can be overwhelming for new players to find the best online casino for their specific needs and tastes. Thankfully, gamblers can turn to, one of the top guides of the best online casinos available.

Cybersecurity and safety

Just like all other online activities that involve personal information and money, it is important to take extra care with cybersecurity and online safety when gambling online. Cybercrime is on the rise around the world, and hackers and scammers are continually thinking up new ways to cheat victims out of their money. Thankfully, with a little knowledge and preparation, you can significantly reduce your chances of getting scammed.

It is important to choose good quality, effective passwords for all of your online accounts and to opt for two-factor verification whenever possible. Strong passwords and verification are your first line of defense against online scammers. It is also important to watch out for phishing and malware attacks, and to inform yourself of the nature of such attacks.

Set limits for yourself

One of the best ways to ensure that you are gambling in a safe, responsible and fun manner is to set limits – and stick to them. To ensure responsible gambling, you could give yourself a time limit for the length of time you are allowing yourself to stay in a casino, and then stick to the time limit and leave as soon as the time runs out. However, this can be more difficult if you are gambling online, because we have constant access to the internet through mobile phones, tablets and computers – it is often easier to step out of a casino than to refrain from opening an app.

Thankfully, there are a number of steps you can take to limit the time you spend when gambling online. You can set a timer on your phone or computer and then when the timer’s alarm goes off, that is the sign to yourself that you need to stop playing. Alternatively, depending on where the online casino is licensed and based, it may also have a built-in timeout feature. This is for when you still want to gamble but you need a break from the app or platform. During a timeout, you will not be able to access the app or gamble. You can set the timeout period for however long you like, usually up to a maximum of six weeks.

Another step you can take is to create a monthly budget for how much you are willing and able to spend on online gambling in a particular month. Then, once you have spent your allotted budget, you will know that it is time to stop for the month. If a monthly budget seems too difficult to manage or conceptualize, you can break it down further into fortnightly, weekly or even daily budgets.

Take time to reflect and communicate

If you are starting to feel like gambling is not fun anymore but instead has become stressful or compulsive, you should take a moment to reflect and communicate with loved ones. Many people find that they struggle to gamble in a sustainable and responsible way, and having supportive loved ones is essential for finding help and reflecting on your gambling habits. By building responsible gambling habits and taking time to reassess your practices, you will be able to develop a style of safe, responsible gambling that is sustainable and enjoyable for years to come.

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