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Opinion: Online Distance Tutor – Pros And Cons

The active development of Internet technologies has given tutors many opportunities to improve the learning process. First of all, we are talking about remote teaching also known as distant learning. This format is becoming more and more in demand among students day by day, which is why more and more tutors are starting to conduct lessons via Skype or Zoom.

Advantages of Online Lessons

  1. One of the main advantages of distance tutoring lessons is their lower cost than traditional lessons. This is especially important for parents with a small income – with an online tutor they will be able to teach, for example, lessons in two disciplines, instead of one with a tutor in private.
  2. The second plus is saving time and, at the same time, energy. After all, neither the student nor the teacher needs to spend time on the way to the place of study and back. In addition, distance learning allows you to choose a tutor regardless of where he lives – after all, when communicating via a computer, any distance does not matter.
  3. The third important advantage of online classes is the ability of the student and teacher to create a convenient work schedule and the intensity of the classes. And also the student can record the lesson, which allows you to repeat the material covered at any time.

Disadvantages of Distance Learning

  1. However, classes taught by an online tutor also have a number of disadvantages. The first among them is the difficulty in paying. First, in order to pay for the lesson, the student and the tutor need to use Internet banking.
  2. And, secondly, there is a possibility of getting caught by a dishonest person. Both the teacher who took an advance payment and refused to teach the lesson, and the student who did not pay after the lesson.
  3. Another drawback is low control over the student’s work. In one-on-one lessons, the teacher sees how the fulfillment of certain tasks is progressing, and immediately has the opportunity to point out mistakes to the student and correct them.

What is problematic to do with online lessons?

However, the advantages of this type of activity are much greater. Therefore, gradually for lessons online both the demand from students and the supply from qualified teachers are growing. Remote online tutoring is a very common solution in light of the current epidemiological situation in the country and the world, but this option of acquiring knowledge itself did not appear previously. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this tool today. Employees of one of the specialized Internet resources agreed to share their competent opinion on this topic with us. Nonetheless, StudyMind is one of those professional researchers in the educational industry who have the most contributions. For instance, their A-level biology tutors share educational statistical data with the others researchers in the market for improving the educational structure, especially during pandemic, their contributions are worthwhile.

At present, scientific and technological progress is proceeding by leaps and bounds, and now you will not surprise anyone with online classes. This became possible thanks to the development of Internet technologies, the availability of using the resources of the World Wide Web almost everywhere. Online education is gaining more and more popularity among pupils (schoolchildren, students), therefore, tutoring services provided remotely are becoming more widespread.

Online Tutor: The Pros

If we talk about the advantages of receiving the services of a tutor via the Internet – remotely, then here, experts immediately name the following arguments:

  1. The opportunity for the student and the teacher to be in a comfortable environment during the lessons, as well as providing the opportunity for the student’s parents to monitor the learning process.
  2. Reducing the time and material costs for student travel to the teacher.
  3. The ability to choose a teacher for classes not only from your locality, but also from another city, or even another state.
  4. More opportunities for choosing the time of classes, and their duration, due to the reduction in time spent on the road.
  5. A more flexible training program, the ability to select an individual program for a specific student and the required speed of material delivery.
  6. Distance learning is completely safe.

Online Tutor: Cons

Remote tutoring also has moments that can cause inconvenience to the customer, and therefore, they should be thought out and foreseen in advance. Here are the main points limiting, in the opinion of experts, the active spread of online tutoring:

  1. Not every teacher, even one who perfectly knows and does his job through face-to-face classes, can also fully and efficiently conduct classes online, using modern Internet technologies.
  2. Features of preparing a tutor for online work. In order to engage in tutoring on the Internet, you need to be a confident PC user, have the skills and knowledge in the field of modern information technologies. For teachers of the older generation, even those with extensive experience and fundamental knowledge in their field, mastering new technologies can be difficult, as a result of which such personnel will not be able to conduct tutoring activities remotely.
  3. The remuneration of a tutor working remotely is lower than that of a full-time tutor. For high-level educators, working remotely may not be economically viable.
  4. Lack of a stable working Internet (this problem is inherent in remote regions and settlements).

Last Word

In conclusion, we note that one way or another, but education is one of those areas that most actively use information technology. For this reason, it is safe to say that the future of the craft of tutoring is unequivocally on the internet. The remote form of work will allow you to choose a more suitable specialist and agree on more favorable financial conditions and working hours.

At the same time, the topic is relevant not only for teaching subjects such as languages ​​or mathematics but also good old chemistry. So, our today’s interlocutors provide information on various subjects, including chemistry.

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