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How to take care eyelash extensions after treatment?

Eyelash extensions can make a significant difference in any person’s life! After getting your first set, you’ll probably become addicted to them, so learning to care for them doesn’t have to be a hardship. We have compiled our top 7 recommendations for you on how you can take care of those beautiful eyelashes.

Do not wash with water

The first 48 hours are the most Flutter Habit to protect your new lashes. Do not get your lashes wet. In this case, the glue in the eyelash extension will flash cure when it is in contact with water, making the lash bond rigid and weak. Showering is safe again after two days of treatment. Eyelash extensions should not be wet after having a fresh set, quite the opposite, in fact!

Using Eyeliner and Mascara

There’s a massive temptation for more voluptuousness as you head out, so you grab your mascara and eyeliner to increase the oomph. It’s not a good idea! This leads to a buildup in between the lashes. It becomes much more challenging to clean, affecting your eye health and causing premature lash loss! Adding mascara is a necessity, but you need to use a water-based product. A few products most lash technicians specially selected to prevent harming your eye health or new extensions. Your lash extensions specialists will be happy to discuss our products when you next visit.

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Cleaning eyelash extensions

Make sure to clean your eyelash extensions three times a week with a soft bristle brush and cleaning foam. It helps remove dirt, dust, and makeup by removing natural oils. As a result, no build-ups will affect your lashes and cause them to break. For lashes not to shed prematurely, you must keep them clean all the time. You should only use quality eyelash extensions aftercare kits. They are available for purchase at salons or any drug store.

Regular Lash Refill

In order to find the real issue, what must be done? In just the same way that blow-drying can fix those bad hair days, eyelash fillings are vital to maintaining the proper shape and conformity of the eyelash extensions. A lash stylist provides lash fills whenever your old lashes shed and new ones need to be supplied. Typically, a client has to go through some follow-ups before receiving these fillings. Fillings must be done within two to three weeks of the client’s first visit. It is vital that the eyelashes remain lush and full with fillings.

A longer wait is possible, depending on the amount of filling required. The natural eyelashes fall off after 60-90 days, and they grow back after that. During the lash infills service, a professional will advise based on the client’s daily routine, the makeup used on the eyes, and their sleep position. The client’s wishes will determine how many lash extension fillings are recommended. It is possible to demand natural maintenance, increased volume, and elongation to even lengthen eyelashes. Services for lash fillings will be offered based on the client’s needs and preferences.

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