How to target high-end clients with luxury packaging

Your packaging says a lot about your brand. If you want your customers to think of you as a luxury brand, you need to offer them luxury packaging. While having packaging that’s functional and that protects your product is important, having one that’s designed well and appeals to the client base that you want to market to is crucial. As GPA Global, experts in luxury packaging solutions, says, “Good packaging protects your product, great packaging protects your brand.”

So how do you pull off something practical and aesthetically pleasing? Read on to find out.

 What is luxury packaging?

 Research shows that consumers are willing to spend more on products if their packaging has a luxurious aesthetic. Luxury packaging is a range of specialty packaging products that are specifically for luxury brands and luxury products like jewelry and beauty. They communicate the brand’s image and attempt to evoke a feeling of a high-end lifestyle in the customers who buy them. Customers want high-quality products that come in just as high-quality packaging. They don’t want to pay a lot of money only to receive your products in a cheap, flimsy box.

 Luxury packaging adds another layer to the experience of your product. It takes into account all the senses to make sure each one of them is truly satisfied. Taking your customers on this sensory journey elevates your product and brand image so that you can create a unique story with your packaging. And you can attract the right customer with your packaging. GPA Global offers bespoke packaging solutions for luxury brands across different sectors that can influence your customer’s buying choices and elevate your brand.

 What factors make good luxury packaging design?

 Good luxury packaging design is all about making your packaging unique. You want to take your customers on a journey and offer them packaging that becomes timeless keepsakes. You need to come up with innovative designs so let’s take a look at how you can best incorporate this.

 Factors that make up good luxury packaging design are:

  •  Color

 Color can have a big impact on consumer behavior. It can sway their thinking, actions and reactions. It can also change their moods, for example, by having a soothing effect or creating excitement. Because color has a psychological impact on people, choosing the right ones that relay the message you want to

convey is vital. For luxury packaging, you’ll want to stay away from bright colors, but if you do choose to use them, don’t use too many. It’s safer to stick to subtle shades or metallic which can make your packaging look elegant. Colors like silver and gold are naturally associated with precious metals so they create a statement of luxury.

  •  Structure

 To make your packaging unique, you should consider its structure. Thinking outside the box, literally, when it comes to design will help you market a product as luxury. An unusual structure can make your packaging memorable, but don’t forget to keep it functional too. If it looks amazing but doesn’t protect the product inside, it will be useless. Remember, customers are spending a lot of money and don’t want to open the packaging to find a broken or damaged product inside. GPA Global offers elegant and sophisticated packaging solutions that are also practical so they don’t just have a strong aesthetic appeal, but a functional one too.

  •  Material

 Just like color, material can impact consumer behavior. Choosing the right material can take your packaging from cheap to luxurious. It can build character and creativity into your product. You can also add coatings to your packages to create a look and feel of luxury. For example, you can use a pearlescent coating to add a shimmery and glamorous effect or gloss varnish to create a shiny and polished look.

  •  Labelling

 When designing your packaging, don’t forget to take into consideration how your labels will look. This is especially true for the name of the product and brand. You need it to stand out but you also don’t want it clashing with the packaging itself. Think of how font styles, colors and textures will look against those of your packaging.

  •  Make it a journey

 Think of your packaging as the start of your customer’s journey with your product. They should experience one that’s smooth and memorable. You can add a level of interactivity so your customer enjoys opening your packaging. You can also use a technique known as delayed gratification which creates a level of suspense and exclusivity. Take your customers on a journey of trying to unveil the product. You can incorporate tissue papers, pull tabs, ribbon enclosures or inserts. Use your packaging as a way of telling a story.

  •  Scent

 Luxury packaging appeals to all the senses but one that not many people think is important but really is, is the sense of smell. Research shows that we remember 35% of what we smell so you can add a signature scent to your packaging that will make it even more memorable. It also helps your packaging to stand out by adding a bit of luxury to it.

 Frequently Asked Questions about luxury packaging

  •  Can luxury packaging be environmentally friendly?

 Yes, it can. Just because you use recyclable materials or environment-friendly packaging doesn’t mean you can’t elevate it. Find a packaging manufacturer that can offer you innovative solutions that appeal to your high-end clients and your sustainability goals.

  •  Can you attract high-end customers through packaging?

 Yes, the type of packaging you use can help you attract different customers. Luxury packaging can attract high-end customers because the way it looks and feels can be associated with a high-end lifestyle.

  •  Does packaging influence consumer buying choices?

 Yes, you can influence your consumer’s buying behavior with packaging. Offering them something aesthetically pleasing, functional and based on their preferences will help you stand out as the best choice.

  •  Are there any rules for luxury packaging?

 The rules for luxury packaging are that it should reflect your brand and product, it should be consistent and it should appeal to the target customer. It should also be functional and convenient.

  •  What’s the best way to package luxury products?

 The best way to package luxury products depends on your requirements and goals. It’s important to find the best material and create the best design that will serve to protect your product but also appeal to your customers.

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