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How to Upgrade the RAM on Laptop?

The process of upgrading the RAM in a laptop will be discussed in the following whole article. So that you will easily know that when and how you should upgrade the RAM on a laptop. Some time your programs or applications are not working on your laptop in a proper way then you should upgrade your RAM. If you don’t upgrade the RAM or Memory of your laptop, your laptop will provide slow speed to its users. A user demands a high speed working laptop so that he can easily finish his assignment or task in an efficient way.

Importance of upgrading a RAM

Upgrading the RAM is a very important to run a program in a convenient way so that you can easily run any kind of application or program on your laptop in a very easy way. When your RAM will be upgraded, all the applications, apps, programs will work properly because there is no problem yet. If you upgraded your RAM, you will not face any difficulty while installing a program or application on your laptop. There are many users who don’t know when and why we upgrade RAM on a laptop but here, all the beginners can easily do it when they will read this article. In the beginning, everything seems to be difficult buy when we start doing, it becomes easy to learn.

RAM solves your Problems

When your laptop does not work in a good manner, while it is working slow and does not run the program efficiently, RAM helps you to solve the problem of a laptop. A RAM has a solution of laptop’s slow working and run a program in a good way. A user prefer it to upgrade the RAM because it is beneficial for him to perform his activities or assigned tasks. There are many of the laptops who give you access to the RAM but many of them provide you to upgrade a RAM or memory on your laptop.

Upgrading Cost

The process of upgrading the RAM depends on the different kind of laptops. Because if you can afford to upgrade the RAM then you should upgrade and if you can’t afford then you should buy another laptop. The cost of upgrading a laptop depends on the laptops that which company of a laptop you are using. It is important to know the company to getting the idea of the cost of upgrading .

Every kind of a laptop can be upgraded easily buy a user has to pay for it. If you are using a high quality featured laptop then you should pay high in order to upgrade a RAM on a laptop. Because the cost of upgrading a RAM depends on a laptop of which company you are using.

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Cost of RAM

The cost of upgrading the RAM from 4GB to 8GB, you have to pay $25 to $55 and it is a common range price. The upgrade of 4GB or 8GB is a common upgrade in the market and so many people upgrade their laptop in this range. The cost of upgrading RAM depends on the need to swap out of a memory card and if you add some gigs, that is beneficial for you to upgrade your RAM easily. The process of swapping out the RAM is easy and it takes a time of 5 minutes to 10 minutes only. You don’t need to spend much time because it is a process that will be ended in the 10 minutes only. If you want to upgrade your RAM from 4GB to 8Gb then you should upgrade your RAM at time. So that it will give an advantage to you and you can easily continue to working of your office or something else.

In the following, there are four steps that are useful to determine the way of how to upgrade RAM on a laptop;

  1. See how much RAM of you are currently using

The first step is to check the RAM or memory of your laptop that how much memory you are using in your laptop because it is important to know that how to upgrade a RAM on a laptop. If the memory of your laptop is low then it might become a cause of bottlenecks. You should use a RAM that provides you speed and you can work on it in a convenient and in easy way. If you are a user to run multiple and power user then you should use a laptop with high memory or RAM because you need to do your tasks with high memory.

  1. Find out if you can upgrade RAM

There are many laptops that have sealed from the bottom and they might be soldered onto the motherboard. The both of the situations while you are upgrading your RAM of laptop is possible to the system to threshold the RAM that it will be recognized. While upgrading your laptop you DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4 in order to get a speed in a perfect manners.

  1. Open the panel in order to locate memory banks

After understanding or performing the above two steps, you should open the panel in which the memory bank locates and you can easily get it. It will also help us to upgrade your RAM on a laptop and can be perform any kind of task in a quick time. Before open the panel for getting the location of memory banks, you should turn off your laptop and unplug the power adapter. The panel will open from the bottom side of your laptop that is covered with memory banks.

  1. Install the new memory module

In the last step of how to upgrade a RAM on a laptop, you should install the new memory module for upgrading your laptop. You should insert the new module into your open slot and the slot at 45-degree angle. You should use pressure with your fingers in order to push them into its place.

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