How to use Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is an excellent method for consuming marijuana. Coming with a wide range of benefits, consuming cannabis oil is a perfect alternative if you are uncomfortable with inhaling marijuana. The bottom line, choosing the cannabis consumption method is a personal preference. The big question for most users is how can I use cannabis oil? For starters, figuring out how to use cannabis oil may pose as a challenge. This article goes beyond the standard basics of using cannabis oil to provide you with options that would work best for you.


This is one of the most effective ways of consuming cannabis oil. Under this consumption method, cannabis oil is placed under the tongue using a dropper. After positioning, the mucous membranes leading to the bloodstream then absorbs the cannabis oil. The sublingual method allows cannabis oil to bypass the stomach to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream efficiently. The bioavailability process takes less than 15 minutes to react in the body.

You can inhale it

Inhalation is another popular method used in consuming cannabis oil. Commonly known as smoking or vaping, the consumption method works faster than consuming through the ingestion of edibles. Though vaping is not a standard method of consuming cannabis oil, it is one of the fastest ways of getting cannabis elements into the bloodstream.

It is edible as well

Just the way you take food and drinks, you can opt to take cannabis oil as you would take an edible. You can make it by adding in food and beverages. Though the method is effective, the reaction rate is slower since it passes through the stomach hence more time to get into the bloodstream. Ingesting cannabis takes up to 90 minutes to get into the bloodstream. The duration is further determined by the type of food taken along with the cannabis oil.

Make sure you have the right dosage

Just like any other cannabis product, it takes quite some time before you settle on the right dose. The most critical aspect is starting with small quantities. Always consider the dosage available on every label of cannabis oil you purchase. Alternatively, you can start with a few drops, wait for at least an hour to see how you feel. You can then later gradually increase the dosage until you feel the effect that you want. Remember, you do not necessarily have to consume large quantities.

A small dose will still work best for you. Some people tend to adjust the amount to higher quantities though small and consistent portions work well.


The use of cannabis oil may be challenging for new users for a while. Over time, you can quickly adapt to a consumption method that suits you. Like using any other medical substance, the need to adhere to a stipulated prescription is essential to avoid overdosing. The aspects highlighted in this article offer great insight into how you can ensure you take the right proportions of cannabis oil and identify the most appropriate consumption method.

Though inhaling has been used by many, it is recommended that you use other alternative methods to avoid side effects associated with vaping. If you’d like to buy a vaporizer have a look at

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