How to use incense burner

In the ancient era, people have less materialistic things to show off their luxurious life. They have very less means for an aromatic and esthetic atmosphere for their surroundings. So they start using some raw plants as incense. The aroma of this incense provides a fresh and aromatic atmosphere. Then with the passage of time, this organic incense takes a back seat, and the chemical-based room fresher become the hero of this journey. But with the revolution, people become eco-friendly so they start to avoid using these chemical-based room fresheners. They switched back to organic plant bases incense.

Incense burner

When people start using incense they want their incense burning process to be esthetic. So some esthetic and beautiful incense burners were introduced for the people who want it as a luxury product at their home or workplace.

There are so many types of incense burners. Some are like the shape of a pot some are made for incense sticks and some incense burners are made for the incense cones

Which type of incense burner is best

Incense burners have different types due to the shape of incense.

Types of incense

  1. Cone
  2. Spiral or ring
  3. Sticks

These are the most popular shapes of incense. But the esthetic one in all of them is the cone shape. Burning a cone shape incense create a magical visual with the help of a backfall incense burner.

If you don’t know how to lighten up the incense don’t worry here we are

How to burn incense

There are the following steps to burn incense. Here is the complete step-by-step guide

Note: you need to know everything about the shape of incense and then buy the incense burner accordingly.

 incense burner

Step 1

The first step is the same for every shape on incense. You just need to lighten the incense with the help of a flame. You can use a match or a flaming stick.

Step 2

When the incense catches the flame, let it burn for 5 to 8 seconds, when the incense start producing ash, blow the flame of incense and your incense starts burning.

Step 3

Then place your incense into the incense burner. Be careful and place it correctly so that the incense burner could carry all ashes of incense


  • Be careful while burning the incense.
  • Follow these steps properly and do it outside your room when the incense burns correctly then carefully place the burner in the right place in your room.
  • Keep it away from cartoons and other clothes.
  • Very tiny negligence can be so dangerous.
  • Keep the incense burner away from children and pets
  • Do not touch the flame area of the incense

Incense burner waterfall

The waterfall incense burner is different to burn compared to other shapes of incense, sometimes people complain about the waterfall of incense. If you are facing the problem of creating a perfect waterfall with the smoke of incense don’t worry when we are here.

Instructions to create waterfall incense

Step 1

For waterfall incense burner you can only use cone shape incense.

Steps to create waterfall incense

  • Burn the tip of the cone incense for 5 to 8 sec.
  • Hold the cone incense with a help of sticks
  • When you realize that the cone is burning and start producing smoke keep it straight with the help of these sticks.
  • Place it gently on the stand of the burner.
  • Wait for seconds then the smoke will automatically feel like a waterfall.

But if the waterfall couldn’t happen then there must be some air in your room because the smoke of cone incense is so cloudy and a very little breeze can break the flow of waterfall incense burner So make sure there is no way of wind coming inside the room so that the waterfall could work perfectly

Benefits of burning incense

  1. Incense burners are not only to show the esthetic and luxury of life but it has some other benefits too
  2. The aroma of incense is so pure and refreshing. Because of its refreshing nature, it is used in religious places, some people thought that it keeps the evil energies off and bring positive vibes to themselves.
  3. Due to the positive vibes of incense mostly every yoga center or meditation centers use it for the betterment of their client’s peace of mind
  4. It is also used in aromatic therapy. Aromatic therapy is for people who want their inner selves to be calm. Aromatherapy centers use incense burners to complete their therapy. It is highly effective.
  5. It is the best alternative for chemical-based room fresheners. Because it is 100% natural and plant-based

Note: just be careful before buying the incense; make sure it is 100% organic and plant-based

  • The incense burner and incense itself are kinds of long-term purchases.
  • One incense can be reused again and again until it is finished.
  • One stick, cone, and spiral can last for days if you use them wisely.

Some important instructions

Before using any kind of incense firstly make sure that the particular incense which you are buying is suitable for you because sometimes the aroma or smoke of particular incense doesn’t suit you. It can give you a headache. So firstly make sure that the incense is according to your choice, otherwise, the main motive of burning incense will be finished.

So dear reader choose your incense wisely.


Incense burners are so amazing and due to their benefits a lot of people are now using them in their homes because they want their home so refreshing, people are using them at their workplaces for all the positive vibes around them. Incense burners are eco-friendly so it is very good for the surrounding.

Especially waterfall incense burners are so popular due to their beautiful creation. This waterfall incense burner looks esthetic and the aroma helps you in mental peace.

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