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The world is changing with instagram api. What used to be merely social networking sites have become platforms for doing businesses across the world. In recent times, several small scale businesses have seen their revenues increase multifold. Do you know the reason? Well, all thanks to the Instagram API that has made lives simpler and businesses hassle-free. 

With access to Instagram API, you can get the maximum returns on your everyday postings on the site. Not only will you be able to track hashtags, collect and analyze data and activity of potential customers but also define the audience you want for your business and target them specifically. 

1- Creation of an Instagram business account

The first step to begin using Instagram API for business is to create an Instagram business account. It is this account that will use the new API to collect data from people on your behalf. Once the business account is approved by Instagram, a range of different features become available which include the option of you being able to integrate the API service with your website as well. 

2- Accessing the Instagram graph API

Graph API is the replacement of the public API that Instagram initially provided its users with. While this newer API is more restrictive, there are many companies ready to help the clients out with understanding the intricacies of it. In order to access this feature, apart from a business account on Instagram, the entrepreneurs also need a Facebook page that is linked to the Instagram account, a Facebook developer account. Now the Instagram graph API can be accessed by yourself or you can get the experts to help you out with it. 

3- Improving CRM with Instagram API

With the immense popularity that Instagram is reckoned with, today, the Instagram messenger API if combined, would mean that you will be able to reach a wider and better audience. Moreover, businesses will be able to answer queries 24/7 with the help of chatbots. It will also make it easier for your customers to shop from your Instagram virtual shop directly. Moreover, all of these conversations are covered with an end-to-end encryption service which means that apart from the business agency and the customers, no one else can have access to this information. 

4- Automating support with Instagram API

It is one of the biggest benefits of having access to Instagram API that it lets you automate customer support. This basically means that you can respond to the comments without even logging into the application. Moreover, the entire process can be automated so that your customers’ queries can be responded to quickly. This helps in improving the overall customer service as well. 

5- Schedule posts with Instagram API

Instagram API for business is gaining momentum rapidly. Everyday, more and more organizations are switching to the advanced method of doing business. Hence, this feature also allows you to schedule your posts in advance. So even if you are asleep in one part of the world and wish to target the audience in the GCC Countries. You can do that easily by scheduling the posts. 

6- Tracking performance with API

Thanks to the Instagram API for helping businesses like Digital Buddha Technologies and many more, now you can track the performance of your business. It also helps you in understanding where the improvements can be made along with understanding what the demographics want. It helps in understanding your target audience’s habits, purchasing pattern, hashtag data and the mentions. Not only this, you can also take a look at the performance of your competitors with the help of instagram API. 

7- Engaging with customers

One of the advantages of using the Instagram API is to engage with customers. Instagram bots that automatically comment and start following users depending on the hashtags used by them are not recommended since they are a clear violation of the Instagram API. Therefore the best way is to do what these bots do, manually. The API helps you in recommending the right people followers for your business. They are the ones who are involved with your business. 

8- Creation of a live feed

There are innumerable perks of Instagram API. One of those perks is to showcase your event/campaign. This helps in showing others that you have had a good time at your event organized for your business agenda. In fact, for a marketing campaign it is encouraged to create a live feed so that more and more people are encouraged and persuaded to check out your brand. 

9- Moderation of comments

One of the most important parts of doing business online today is to keep up the positive brand image among the customers. It is with the help of Instagram API for business that now you can filter out and moderate the comments at your behest. You can even retrieve the replies to a particular comment or delete it. Gone are the days when you had to check the Instagram consumer app to make sure the comments made are a representation of your brand. 

10- Grow your business with Instagram API

Contrary to the normal Instagram account, with the business API, you can have access to advanced features that enable you to grow your business. If you are into a creative business field, then going forward this new mechanism of doing business which helps you grow manifold, is exactly what you need. 

With the technology changing and evolving rapidly, the traditional means of doing business are getting replaced by modern inventions. Moreover, social media happens to be one of the biggest boons of the modern times that the business owners can use it to its full potential to make the maximum returns on their investment for their business. Therefore, without much ado you must get started with the Instagram API to give your business a new edge.

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