React Native for Mobile App Development

Reasons to Choose React Native for Mobile App Development

Along with time, our technologies are also advancing at a higher pace. Now we have a mobile application to fulfil most of our daily needs. All of these is possible due to accessibility of smartphone in the world population. That is why around 80 per cent of the world’s population owns their personal smartphone.

This makes a huge opportunity for the various app present in today’s market. According to Statista in 2020 the mobile applications earned around 190 billion US dollars globally. So, if you want to create an online presence for your unique business idea, and stay ahead of your market competitors, an engaging app could be a good medium.

Today the market is changed. Building two separate mobile apps for each platform is old talk. Now the cross platform mobile application have made the work easier for companies. React Native is an amazing technology to build a cross platform mobile app development. Start-ups and enterprises prefer this less time taking method and reach react native app Development Company for engaging app. The new age solutions are feature-packed and responsive for understanding the priorities of business.

Here, in this article we will study some advantages of react native mobile app development and know why is it necessary to opt react native mobile app for your business.

What is React Native Mobile App Development?

React native is an app development framework where developers can create responsive mobile applications with JavaScript. The framework is capable of delivering fully functioning applications for both iOS and Android platforms. This is possible it provides all the necessary tools to execute Java for Android and Swift or Object-C for iOS.

The React Native was launched by Facebook 5 years ago at an internal hackathon event. And it eventually attracts the attention of the developers by providing essential development tools for creating responsive native UI elements. React Native became so famous that, around 3 million apps present in the Google store are made with it within years of its debut.

The market has made a smooth entrance for react and high-performing products are also pushing businesses for hire react native app developer for native like performance over different platforms.

Reason to Choose React Native Development For your Mobile Application.

There are many mobile app development frameworks that are available in the market. All of them provide their own sets of perks and advantages to their developers and clients. But among them React Native mobile app development is efficient in many aspects. Here are some of the main reasons to choose React Native app development for your mobile application,

Hybrid or Cross-platform App Development Process

In traditional times the business owners and entrepreneurs have to hire both Android and iOS developers. So that they can launch the product on both markets. But in this framework, you just have to hire one developer to create an app for both app markets. Any developer with enough knowledge of UI, APK libraries and hybrid platforms can use this framework.

Your hired developer should have little knowledge of the Native programming language. As they have to work out some of the native integration such as SDKs and much more. 

Code push

Sometimes after you launch your application on the app markets i.e., Play Store and App Store, you might find any fault and features left to add to your application. In that case, you have to all those solutions or features to the app and re-upload the app on the market.

But if you use the React Native app development process, you can push all the code solutions and features without tampering with your app in the market. This process of updating your apps without going to the app stores is known as Code push. Hiring a mobile app developer for your business application can ensure the code pushing process as efficiently as possible.

Less development complexity

In this app development framework, the developers are allowed to implement complex features with simple codes. This makes the development process less complex in nature with understandable codes.

Plus, the React native developers are capable enough to provide a straightforward solution to every complex outcome.

The straightforward development process for the same programming language

The library codes used in this development process are powered by Facebook. So the codes are simple, easy to understand and effective for both types of applications. Plus the primary codes used for creating Android as well as iOS applications use the same programming language. That is why the developers can easily write the codes for Android software and re-use it to build its iOS version.

In the other frameworks, JavaScript usually decides the web-view of the various components. But in this framework, the react component decides their own visual appearance.

Support from the Facebook community

As we all the Facebook is a versatile community, many experienced and well developers are associated with it. Plus, the React Native app development framework is powered by Facebook. So, the developers can easily get effective solutions and support the community.

The React Native frameworks always remain in the constant updating phase. That means the addition and implementation of new features, updated solution and much more. At this time the beginner app developers get full assistance from the vase Facebook community.

Ready- solution and library support

The React Native frameworks also provide various ready-made features and solutions easing the work for mobile app development companies. So that the developers can conduct an effective and efficient development process. The developers can use various code libraries like Zest, Chai, Enzyme to provide a bug-free experience to their clients. A good choice of mobile apps can provide a unique app experience to your users.

Best for tight budget works

One of the main attractions of using this framework is code reusability. That means the developers don’t have to write codes separately for every implementation of features.  They can just copy the previously used codes and implement them in a new app development process. As a result, the business owners can hire React Native developers and get the job done at much lower rates.

There are many free ready-made solutions presents in the market but choosing those is not good for the long run. That is why developing your own app can ensure a better edge on your competitors in the market. Plus, because of its low development cost, it is suitable for start-ups.


React native is one of the best cross-platform app development processes available in the market. It is an open-source framework powered by Facebook and capable of developing high performing dynamic applications. So, if you want to develop a unique application for your business then hiring a React native app developer can ensure your success in the market.

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