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Why Sex Doll So Popular in Japan?

There are plenty of things that are quintessentially Japanese such as the kimono, geishas, tea ceremonies, drinking sake, or perhaps reading manga (Japanese comics, often sexually explicit) on the shrinkage on your way to work. Japan is also known for its love hotels. But have you heard about Japanese love for different kinds of sex dolls?

Japan has always been known for its many quirks. Back in the day when sex dolls were considered quirky or creepy in much of the West, they were already a thing in Japan. Japanese men readily embraced love dolls and sex robots. Japanese men love their “silicon women” so much that there are even fears they are becoming “an endangered species.”

Many Japanese are willing to splurge a fortune on life-sized love dolls who have over the years substituted real women in their lives and evolved into inanimate companions. Realistic sex robots powered by Artificial Intelligence go even further in elevating the experience and providing psycho-sexual fulfillment. They don’t just fulfil your need for physical sexual pleasure but you can also chat with them and have seductive and sensual chats that handle the “cerebral aspect” of the sexual needs and intimacy.

Due to the popularity of sex dolls in Japan, these silicon women are available in an astonishing variety and capabilities that make the experience as close to the genuine one as possible.

Next Level Sex Doll Market

Japanese sex dolls have grown increasingly sophisticated over the years and many Japanese men are going out of their way to pamper their love dolls and derive maximum thrill from their silicone companions. The intercourse between many Japanese and their sex dolls often blurs the line between reality and fantasy. Some have developed such an intimate association with their sex dolls that are they are even transferring real affections to their sex dolls and treating them as real girlfriends rather than simply as sex toys.

It helps that the sex doll technology in Japan is highly sophisticated and has hit a next-level in its evolution. The Japanese market now features high-end and hyper-realistic silicone sexdoll some of which cost as much as $10,000 and are almost as authentic as a real woman.

In spite of the outward appearance of conservatism, Japan has a liberal and sometimes queer sexual culture. We all know of the love bars, geishas and other quirky sexual creations that Japanese have come up to fulfill their carnal pleasures. But the sex dolls are special. Why so? Why are they so popular in Japan?

Big City Living in Tokyo

Japan is a hyper-urbanized and ultra-modern country and 30% of the population live in Tokyo. The Japanese are also known for their solid work ethic and reserved manner. There is the storied Japanese salaryman whose entire life is committed to the company and with few avenues for an outlet in big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. These men rely on some guilty pleasures, often quirky, to fill the void left by the lack of intimacy. Increasingly, many Japanese careermen are choosing to live a bachelor life and are shunning the married life. Over the years, roles have changed and the traditional Japanese housewife supporting her husband as he scales the career ladder is now scaling the career ladder herself and shunning traditional female roles. All of these urban pressures are driving many Japanese men to new and quirky forms of intimacy such as silicone sex dolls. In the old world, love hotels would cater to many a guilty pleasure. Now sex doll is actively taking up this role, allowing Japanese men to enjoy pleasurable moments with silicone love dolls that are increasingly indistinguishable from a real human.

More and more young men don’t have a plan for marriage

For decades, Japan has been seeing a sharp decline in young people, both men and women, who are willing to settle down for marriage. This trend is attributable to a constellation of factors and it has widely contributed to the decline in Japanese population. Career pressure and inadequate salary is one of the top reasons affecting marriage rate. The often-punishing work schedules in Japan means that many young people have fewer opportunities to meet members of the opposite sex and even fewer opportunities to get laid. Many young and middle-aged men are now relying on realistic silicone sex dolls which are affordable and don’t have the pressures and stresses of a human girl who might be demanding, cheat on you and need more of your time when you are fully focused on your career. Sex dolls never demand anything and are always available for sex. Some of them are so realistic that they give you the feeling and the pleasure of having a real sex partner by your side.

Sex culture

Japanese sex culture is often fraught with contradictions. While there are many Japanese who are not getting laid, many Japanese, both men and women, are often willing to explore new frontiers of sexual pleasure, way ahead of other societies. It is only in Japan where you will find unique sex spots such as love hotels, red light districts like Kabukicho, hostesses in bars, the open sex shops in Japan, an addiction to open and sexually explicit comics and so much more. Japanese sex culture can best be described as ultra-liberal and it is easy to see how many are able to make a transition to sex dolls, sex robots and a constellation of sex toys to derive maximum sexual satisfaction and fulfilment.

Many people don’t have extra money for a girlfriend

Gone are the days when the Japanese man had an iron rice bowl and demure housewife waiting at home. Today’s work pressures and high cost of living means many young and middle-aged men can’t spare much money to give their girlfriends a treat. Sex dolls serve as a low-cost substitute for people who are simply looking for sexual fulfilment and intimacy without the costs or emotional baggage.

It is easy to buy a sex doll online

While sex dolls are still stigmatized in many Western societies, in Japan they are generally sold openly and are widely available. There are even retail outlets specializing in different kinds of sex dolls. Besides, many Japanese men can easily order sex dolls online and have them delivered to their doorstep in no time. Many of the leading sex dolls brands are also based in Japan and they have their warehouses there so it is easier for them to ship orders to buyers in Japan and provide ongoing maintenance to their clients.

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