The essential Dos and Don’ts of vaping!

Vaping is fun and satisfying! But this vaping can be even better if you are following all the right rules of doing so. That way you prevent any kind of inconvenience or issues after you vape. So, if you think you need to know all the norms, this page is definitely for you!

Ø  The no and yes of proper vaping!

Don’t expect to savour a pleasant vaping experience when you are doing it wrong. While if you do it right, your affair with the vape would be a loving one! Come! Let’s quickly go through the dos and don’ts of vaping:

o   Do pick the best vape and don’t go for cheaper ones — You can only enjoy vaping fully if your vape is good. There are lots of very attractive and colourful vapes available in the market at lower dab pen price points. But you couldn’t make them last longer and perform better at any cost. Instead, you should pick up the best ones like the dynavap in UK by VaporizerHut. They have extraordinary, classy, and very good ranges of vapes which would perform very well and even last for years.

o   Do keep your e-liquid away from sunlight and don’t mix many flavours together— E-liquids are very essential for a great vaping experience. And if they get spoilt by exposure to heavy sunlight, you can just keep sulking about the pungent aftertaste! So, better protect and preserve it in a cool place. You should also avoid mixing many flavours of e-liquid together as they may create some weird flavour and smell which would seem really repulsive while vaping.

o   Do clean your vape timely and don’t burn the weeds — Cleaning your vape and coil after every use keeps the device clean and helps you get fresh and pleasant flavour when you vape. And if you are overheating your weed and coil, then the pungent smell and burnt taste in the mouth are enough to make you quit vaping completely!

o   Do take small puffs and don’t vape too close to others — To gain maximum pleasure from your vape and in order to keep it safe, take small puffs. Inhaling too hard, especially when you are new can get you coughing and hitting hard in the throat! You should also follow the basic etiquette of vaping — that is, not to throw smoke on anyone! It’s absolutely disgusting and not acceptable to vape too close to anyone. You never know if that person is allergic to smoke and even morally it isn’t acceptable!

o   Do charge your vapes for a limited time and don’t use damaged batteries or foreign USBs — Charging vapes is essential but overdoing the same can destroy your batteries and even the device! And if you are using damaged batteries and the USB cables of other devices like your mobile or laptop for your vape pod, and then get ready to face sudden damage of your precious vaping device!

Got the list? Hope you noted down each and every pointer from this vaping checklist! Be sure to follow these religiously if you want your vaping to be fun and gratifying!

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