How to Wash You Car Like a Professional

How to Wash You Car Like a Professional

Having a fancy car is a blessing but to wait in car wash center is wat I hate.

Although we have drive and wash but those are not for every day – a costly trade 😊

Initially, I had a bucket, sop and a towel cloth for my old car – that is OK there but for fancy and gorgeous polished one this is a disaster.

I learned with the passage of time and arranged required tools guide that helped me in arranging the pressure washer I need, the compressor and much more.

If you are looking to put your hands yourself or may need any day in emergency then I recommend you to read about the major guide line that won’t take much of your time.

Factors to Consider While Car Wash

Here are a few main factors you need to consider while a car wash;


Safety is the most important for you and your car and the other equipment. Like you must have idea about what you are using.

A car pressure washer nozzle may crack car windows and damage the concrete driveway and hence read before switching the equipment on.

Things You Need

You need to arrange following different tools while doing it yourself at different stages;

1.  A Towel

A blue towel is the most common that we use for other cleaning jobs. A clreaning code you can say like a blue collar jobian.

2. Water

Put water in a bucket or use it directly through a pressure washer nozzle.

3. Soap

You need to buy special soaps engineered for car wash purposes only. These are quite compatible with pressure washers you are going to use.

4. Scrubbing Brush

It will help you to remove birds debris or any hard dirt.

Steps to Follow While Car Wash

The steps are pretty simple that includes;

Park your Car

Make sure to park your car inside your territory or else the authorities may get you.

Vacuum Cleaning

Apply the vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt from inside of your car like from brak pads and so on passenger side.

Mix Soap

Now put water in a bucket and put the soap or detergent and stir it.

Rinse the Car

Now apply that mixture on your car and let it a bit time. You can do it with bucket or from small pressure washer.


Now scrub the hard dirt or any debris with your brush


Now apply the blue towel and you dip the towel in mixture if required. Apply it on the whole body


Now clean it with simple water

Dry the Car

Now let the car dry but before doing this apply towel so that no water mark on windows is there.

Apply the Shiner

This is the time when you can apply the shiner at tires and other car areas.

Final Verdict

This is quite a simple guide for a car wash using the most powerful electric pressure washers by technomono as your own. You need to make sure that according to your area you need a lift up wash from professional car wash center.

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