How We Became InterNACHI California Training Partner

Our InterNACHI-approved courses are designed to give students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed as home inspectors. We are committed to providing our students with the best possible education and training, and we are proud to be an InterNACHI Training Partner. Learn how it all happened in this blog.

How We Became InterNACHI California Training Partner

Get to learn all about how FIA teamed up with InterNACHI California to provide trainings.

1.    What is InterNACHI and What Do They Do?

InterNACHI is the world’s leading home inspection association. They offer training, certification, and networking opportunities for home inspectors.

2.   How Did FIA Inspections Academy Become A Training Partner?

FIA Inspections Academy recently became an InterNACHI California Training Partner. This means that we can now offer InterNACHI-approved continuing education courses to our students. This is a great opportunity for our students, as InterNACHI is a highly respected organization in the home inspection industry.


The California-based Inspectors Association, FIA, has a long and respected history in the home inspection industry. Established in 1984, FIA is one of the oldest and most highly respected trade organizations for home inspectors nationwide. In 2016, FIA partnered with InterNACHI to provide its membership with access to InterNACHI’s world-class Inspector Training Program. This partnership gives FIA members an opportunity to receive the best available Hands on Home inspector training and certification at a fraction of the cost of other programs. As a result of this partnership, FIA is now recognized as an InterNACHI California Training Partner.


Becoming an InterNACHI training partner was a long and detailed process. We had to meet InterNACHI’s high standards for course content, delivery, and customer service. We are proud to say that we met all of InterNACHI’s requirements and are now an InterNACHI-approved training provider

3.  What Courses are Offered through InterNACHI and FIA Inspections Academy?

Our students can now take InterNACHI-approved courses at FIA Inspections Academy and receive the continuing education credits they need to maintain their licenses. We are excited to offer this opportunity to our students and we know that they will benefit from InterNACHI’s high-quality courses.

4.    The Benefits of Being An InterNACHI Member

InterNACHI offers many benefits to its members, including access to exclusive training and resources, networking opportunities, and discounts on products and services.


As an InterNACHI-approved training provider, FIA Inspections Academy can offer our students these same benefits. InterNACHI’s courses are among the best in the industry, and our students will have access to all of InterNACHI’s resources. InterNACHI is a well-respected organization, and we are proud to be associated with them.

5.    How to Get Started with InterNACHI and FIA Inspections Academy

If you are interested in taking InterNACHI-approved courses at FIA Inspections Academy, please visit our website or contact us for more information. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started. InterNACHI membership is not required to take courses at FIA Inspections Academy, but members do receive discounts on courses and other benefits.


We hope you take advantage of this great opportunity to learn from InterNACHI, the world’s leading home inspection association. Thank you for choosing FIA Inspections Academy!

To Sum it Up

Our 6-day home inspection course includes both classroom and outdoor instruction. Evening classes are offered to accommodate more work schedules. Our training facility in San Bernardino will serve as the training location. The fundamental beginning skills necessary to confidently provide a residential real estate inspection should be taught to students. The themes of structural, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems as well as report writing and business startup will all be taught. Written materials will be offered in full. It is required of students to pay attention in class and participate. A Certificate of Training will be given upon course completion.

If you are interested in becoming a home inspector, or if you are already a home inspector and would like to take InterNACHI-approved courses, we encourage you to check out our InterNACHI-approved courses. We are confident that you will find our courses to be of the highest quality and value. Contact us today to learn more about our InterNACHI-approved courses and FIA Inspections Academy InterNACHI partner!


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