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How Worldwide Gaming Companies are Marketing Towards Indian Players

The casino industry is a worldwide industry, with many big hotspots around the globe. India is not a traditional casino hotspot, though over the next decade we could certainly see it become one. Thanks to the surge in online casino gaming, more and more players from India are playing casino games. This has led to a big push by casino providers, and we are now seeing them target their marketing towards Indian players.

We are seeing new casinos join in and offer services for players from India and we are also seeing big worldwide companies turn their attention towards India from elsewhere. This has led to players searching for help, they want to know where they can play and there are many sites to help with that. You can find the best online casino at Lucky Dice, a site that compares some of the biggest names with the newest casinos and lays out what each of them can offer players.

But how are these casinos changing their service to focus on India, and attract players from the country?

The Games on Offer

In a bid to attract Indian gamers to their casinos, many operators have added Indian games to their long list of titles. This means an Indian player can log on and play the likes of Teen Patti, Andar Bahar and a variety of Indian themed slot games.

This is alongside the regular casino games that are popular around the world such as roulette, blackjack and poker. Even though these are popular worldwide, in India, Teen Patti is a big game and this country’s version of poker. Rather than playing poker, those who are new to online games can simply log in and play a game that they are already familiar with and already love.

Currencies and Payment Options

This is where a worldwide casino operator can give players from India a sense of comfort and familiarity. If you are asking Indian players to deposit with a payment method they don’t know such as PayPal, spend money in Euros and play in that currency too, the chances are they are not going to feel too comfortable.

That was the case when casino gaming first hit India, with Euros and US Dollars being the only options. Now we see Rupees on offer to players, so they fully know and understand what they are spending and how much each game costs, while they also have the option to use a local Indian payment method too, such as PayTM, which many casinos accept.

This brings confidence when the player is depositing money into their account, as they are comfortable with the whole process.

We are now even at the stage where Indian players who receive a welcome bonus when they sign up are receiving this in Rupees too, something else that brings great familiarity. With all of this taking place, it is clear that casino companies, both new and established, are putting a lot of effort into their marketing for India and players in the country. 

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