How you can keep your home warm while trimming the cost of your heating bills

Heating bills are rising year by year, driving some to try and manage without heating at all. Particularly in winter, heating becomes a very valid and pressing concern. If you’re worried about a hefty bill at the end of the month, here are some ways to keep your home warm while trimming the cost of your heating bills.

Use your curtains

Luckily, on this planet we have a free heat source – the sun! Letting sunlight in during the day can make the most of this heat while it lasts. Shutting your curtains as soon as it gets dark acts as an additional layer of insulation, sealing the heat inside your rooms. We would advise making sure there are no leaks or gaps coming from your windows, so the cold air stays well out of the house!

Program your boiler

At home, you can use timers on your central heating. These timers can be used to program your boiler to turn on the heating a little earlier (for example, just before you wake up) at a lower temperature, which is much cheaper than turning on the heating full blast when you need to warm up. Just remember to not leave your heating on low all day, as you’ll end up paying for heat that you don’t need.

Loft boarding can maximise your insulation

Instaloft provides a great loft boarding service, which is a brilliant way to reduce heat loss in the home. Although this solution is a little more costly than others, investing in loft boarding allows you to protect and enhance the insulation you have whilst creating extra storage space. The benefits are plentiful, and with Instaloft, you’re dealing with a business you can trust. Invest today, and reap the money-saving benefits tomorrow.

Block out any draughts

The same way you make sure there are no gaps in your windows, check that there’s no draught coming in through the door! There are many draught excluders to choose from, in a range of adorable shapes and sizes, to maintain warmth in the home! Even a DIY draught excluder made from old fabric can work wonders, and save over £20 per year.

Reflect heat with radiator panels

A cost-effective solution, radiator panels make sure heat generated from your radiators isn’t dispersed only to your walls, but instead, around your room. Heat reflects back into your space, for a room that remains toasty and comfortable all winter.

Upgrade your boiler

Unfortunately, many of us put off upgrading our boiler until it’s too late. By the time your boiler breaks down, winter might already be here! If your boiler is coming up to 10 years or more of age, consider choosing an upgraded model. The latest boilers are highly efficient and money saving – just make sure that they are A-rated and eco-conscious! New boilers can last for years, so this is a purchase definitely worth looking into.

And there you have it, six simple ways that you can keep your home warm whilst simultaneously trimming the cost of your heating bills. With these tips in mind, even the little savings can contribute to a lot of money in the long run.

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