Why Is Increasing Instagram Followers Organically Better Than Buying Them?


Sometimes buying german instagram followers can be very tempting. It is especially true when you are close to hitting the essential milestone of 10,000 and acquiring the swipe-up feature.

However, like most things that sound or look good to be true, buying Instagram followers is a waste of money and, above all, the worst recipe for disaster.

Also, it is against Instagram rules. Therefore, they would not take a minute to shut down their account when they suspect someone is doing so.

Moreover, it does not matter how many Instagram followers you have, even if it can help acquire a swipe-up feature, having social proof while negotiating brand or influencer deals and authority in your industry. In short, they do not allow you to push your bottom line forward.

Besides all these things, the following are some reasons you should avoid buying Instagram followers and start increasing them organically.

Reasons To Choose Organic Way of Increasing Instagram Followers

Lack Of Engagement

Engagement plays a very crucial role in getting noticed by Instagram algorithms. It favors your posts and stories and shows more often to your followers when it detects their engagement.

Engagement can come in the form of comments, engagement in polls, direct messages, and Q and A responses.

However, when you buy followers, you will not acquire real accounts. Instead, you will get ghost followers or bots that do not provide any type of engagement. This way, your account will start decreasing in the eyes of an algorithm, thereby reducing the number of followers your posts will be shown to.

Growing Instagram followers organically help you achieve real followers who are interested in you, your brand, and your sayings. They will always be eager to see the newest posts and watch your stories, polls, and every sticker you use, which, in a nutshell, will significantly increase engagement.

Losing Your Credibility

Like engagement, credibility is crucial in helping you achieve success on Instagram. It is essential to be credible to everyone, including the algorithm, your existing followers, and the potential ones.

Instagram users are astute. They effortlessly notice the accounts with 10,000 followers but only 20 likes and four comments. They will feel something not good and that you have tricked them.

Moreover, since their perception is significant and is part of the reality, it can become inauthentic and hurt your reputation and organic growth. You need to avoid buying Instagram followers and start growing them organically.

Muddle Social Media Metrics and Audience Information

Since tracking engagement becomes arduous, social media metrics and audience information like geographic location, demographic information, click-through rates, etc., will get muddled.

Let’s learn it in this way. Imagine you are thinking of launching a Facebook ad campaign for a specific product or service. However, you do not know whom you should target and which messaging option is suitable in case the data is skewed. You cannot create an effective campaign using this contorted data.

However, when you have organic followers, you will have all the necessary data required to help you create memorable posts and social ads effectively.

Although building an organic Instagram follower will take time, it will provide a better return on your social media investment in the long run.

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