I Was In a Minor Accident, Do I Really Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you got into a minor car accident, you might wonder whether it’s necessary to hire a lawyer. If the accident was not your fault, you might need the best car accident lawyer to represent you.

Most people assume that they don’t need lawyers after a minor car accident, especially if they were not at fault. However, the at-fault party may not easily accept liability. You may need an attorney to prove that you didn’t cause the accident.

It’s Illegal Not to Report a Car Accident

After a minor accident, most people prefer taking matters into their own hands and resolving things on the spot. You may want to talk it out with the other driver and go about your day. However, this could be a big mistake.

In many states, it is illegal to fail to report a car crash, even if it is minor. After an accident, if you get in your car and drive away without filing a report, it becomes a citable offense. Even if you feel fine and there’s no significant damage to the vehicles, an accident is still an accident.

It’s also difficult to get your story straight after driving away from the accident scene. Even if you are not considering hiring a car accident attorney, ensure you report the accident to the police. Apart from the legal issue, you may have harmed your chance to claim potential compensation from the at-fault party.

Even if you feel fine and there is no significant damage to the vehicles, below are potential problems that may arise:

1. Hidden Injuries

There are multiple injuries that individuals may incur after a minor accident. These injuries may not exhibit symptoms up to a few days after the crash.

Most people think of car accident injuries such as lacerations, broken bones, head trauma, and severed body parts. You may think you are fine after an accident because you didn’t suffer any severe life-threatening injuries. However, you may forget to consider strained ligaments, damaged tendons, or contusions.

The adrenaline rush may mask your symptoms, fooling you into believing that you are okay. If you don’t file a report with the insurance company and the police, you will have a hard time filing a claim even if you have an injury and a medical professional on your side.

2. The Other Party May Report the Accident

Have you considered shaking on it and going about your busy schedules? What if the other parties involved filed a case right after you left? While they may be the ones at fault, you could be held liable because you drove away from the accident scene.

Even if you both drove away from the accident scene and the other party claims you caused them harm and property damage, you may not be able to prove that you were not at fault. Your case now turns into a “you said they said” situation.

Such types of cases may not get very far. However, no one wants to deal with the time wastage and haste of answering sermons, arguing in court, and appearing for hearing while you were not the one on the wrong. Chances are, you have other important things to do.

While still at the accident scene, remember never to admit fault or reveal your policy limit to the other party. Be very careful what you do and say right after an accident.

Actions to Take After a Minor Car Accident

After a car accident, you should take some steps while still at the scene and after leaving the scene. Before deciding to drive off, take the below steps:

  • Report the accident to the police
  • Gather as much evidence from the scene as possible- take photos and videos
  • Never admit fault even if you feel you might be the cause of the accident
  • Ensure you get a checkup from a reputable medical professional
  • Ensure you take advantage of your personal injury protection
  • Review the police report and ask for your copy
  • Don’t try to settle the case with the other party
  • Hire a fatal car accident lawyer to help you file a claim

After an accident, you may have sustained some internal injuries. The best course of action is searching for a car accident attorney near me online to get the best legal representative to handle your case.

What Will a Car Accident Attorney Do for Your Case?

After an accident, you should not pay for medical bills and car repair from your pocket if the other party was liable. Hiring a lawyer will ensure that you are compensated for your financial losses and the injuries caused. Your lawyer will advise on the best course of action and answer all your questions related to the case.

The at-fault party should take responsibility and pay for the losses they caused due to their negligent actions. Your lawyer will prove liability by:

  • Obtaining and examining the police report
  • Speaking with the witnesses and getting their statement
  • Talking to your medical care professional to get your recent records
  • Get an accident reconstruction expert and other specialist testimonies
  • Prove that the other driver was negligent and violated their duty of care

If your attorney proves that the accident may have been preventable if the other party was careful, then you may be liable for compensation. Your attorney will ensure you get fair compensation to cover even future losses and medical bills.

You may get compensation for property damage, pain and suffering, lost wages, mental anguish, and medical bills. Ensure you hire an attorney before the statute of limitation is over, as you may lose your case forever.

Get a Car Accident Lawyer Today

Let your car accident attorney handle the legal aspect of your case while you focus on getting better. Their main job is to protect your right as a victim and help you pursue justice.

Different states have varying statutes of limitations for personal injury cases. Thus, remember to hire a “car accident lawyer near me” as soon as possible to protect your right to compensation.

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