The Pros and Cons of Primary Care vs Urgent Care

Did you know that 74% of Americans have a favorable view of medical doctors?

It’s comforting to know that Americans trust their practitioners, but many still find it difficult to find the right healthcare providers. It can be especially challenging if they’re unaware of how to treat their ailment.

With the number of urgent cares growing, it’s becoming easier to access medical professionals. But what are the differences when it comes to primary care vs urgent care?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below to learn more about the pros and cons of urgent and primary care!

Urgent Care

The biggest draw of urgent care is its accessibility. If you’re faced with an emergency, it’s much easier to find a 24 hour urgent care than an equally accessible primary care center. Plus, you don’t have to call ahead to schedule an appointment with an urgent care center.

Urgent cares, for the most part, are also open on the weekends. Even if your primary care office is open Monday through Sunday, it may be fully booked when you require assistance.

Urgent cares are often much larger than primary care offices and can accommodate more patients at once. They also have large staffs to efficiently handle the flow of patients.

Another one of the benefits of urgent care centers is their specialized equipment. If you need an X-ray, for example, you’d have better luck stopping at an urgent care center than a primary care office, which typically has less specialized equipment than an urgent care.

While urgent care centers are becoming more common, some insurance providers still don’t cover them. This can be a major con for those on a budget. Ultimately, it may be cheaper to see your primary care physician if the co-pay will be lower.

Primary Care

When debating primary care vs urgent care, you have to first evaluate your needs. If you’re looking for a more thorough appointment, you’ll want to go to your primary care office.

If you are looking to treat a chronic condition, it’s better to visit a primary care practice. A primary care center will keep your files on record, and you won’t have to recite your medical history each time you see your physician. They’ll also have a better understanding of your family’s medical history, which can make future treatment and diagnoses smoother.

It’s unlikely you’ll get the same doctor at an urgent care center. So, if the uncertainty of that makes you uncomfortable, it’s best to work with a primary care physician if possible.

If you’re unable to leave your home, a primary care physician is more likely to make house calls than a physician from an urgent care. Additionally, a primary care physician who’s knowledgeable about your medical background will be better suited if you need to change any of your medications.

Comparing Primary Care Vs Urgent Care for Your Needs

It’s difficult to compare primary care vs urgent care, as the two facilities specialize in different types of medical care. For routine checkups and chronic illness treatment, a primary care office is likely better. On the flip side, if you need to make a pressing appointment, it’s a better bet to visit urgent care.

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