Digital Marketer Of Bangladesh

Imran Miah Is Youngest Artist And Digital Marketer Of Bangladesh

We will share with our well-known Imran Miah the stories behind becoming a successful Entrepreneur. Imran Miah’s Motherland is our beloved Bangladesh. From an early age, Imran Miah is a Entrepreneur. Imran Miah Thinks about Social Rights Implantation.

The dream of success is as simple as weaving. Not everyone can think outside the box because of the fascination with life. Those who can, they are successful. One such dreamer and energetic young Imran Miah. Who has developed himself as a successful youngest entrepreneur, web & graphic designer.

Imran Miah was born on January 01, 1992 and brought up in Madaripur. Father Abdul Kadir Munshi & mother Sumsunnahar Begom. From a young age, he had a different inclination towards technology, but he was also very adept. He started skill development in web design and graphic design at the age of 15. Imran Miah said the beginning is never easy. Even so, no one from my parents or family stopped me from doing this. They were proud of me. When I was 13, I didn’t have a smartphone or a computer. There was a Java phone, in which I always googled how to build a website. At that time I made a website for myself with my mobile. Later computers, smartphones came to me and the speed of skill development increased. Let’s start learning web and graphic design well. Whenever I had a problem I would google it and watch videos on youtube.

From the beginning, a different spirit was at work. I think there is no shortcut to success, you have to work hard to succeed. Different obstacles will come, if I stop, I will lose.

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