Instagram: Popular Professions for Students

Instagram: Popular Professions for Students

More than a billion people go to Instagram every day. Most of them go there to relax, have fun, and shop. The rest go there to work.

In addition to the obvious options for making money: being a blogger, photographer or videographer, Instagram has spawned many new professions over the course of its existence. Keeping blogs and brand accounts running is helped by a whole pool of specialists who work only with Instagram. There are many students among them.

We have made a selection of common and fresh professions on Instagram for those students who have long wanted to conquer this social network and one day write my essay about it.

 Instagram Administrator

If a blogger makes all the content himself, works on info products and in general is immersed in creativity, he, of course, wants to get rid of the routine. Here comes to his aid a digital assistant – a blog administrator.

Tasks of the administrator of the blog in Instagram:

  • To sort out the direct, respond to posts and comments;
  • Publish posts according to the content plan;
  • Take requests to a closed account, monitor the influx of subscribers;
  • Upload statistics on content for the blogger.

This profession will suit you well if you are a beginner, want to start understanding Instagram and the blogosphere and understand what profession to choose in the future. From the skills will come in handy the ability to use Instagram and a number of flexible: responsibility, punctuality, attentiveness, communication skills.

Over time, the administrator can move in any direction: take up content, become a manager or a blog producer.

 Influencer Marketer

Statistics show that 87% of Instagram users shop under the influence of opinion leaders – bloggers and stars. Not surprisingly, more and more money is being invested in this advertising channel, businesses have a need for services and specialists to work with bloggers.

In response to this demand, Influencer marketers – experts who work with bloggers – have emerged in the marketplace.

There are three paths for an Influencer Marketer:

  • Working with a company that is developing an influencer marketing business and is going to advertise with bloggers. Here, it’s important to focus on the goals and specifics of the business you’re working for;
  • Working for an agency. Marketing agencies are expanding their arsenal, and some work exclusively with Influencer Marketing. They act as an intermediary between bloggers and advertisers. That means twice as much communication, compromises and appropriate terms for both parties;
  • Working for the blogger. On this side, you negotiate, make deals and get the best terms for the blogger, as well as oversee ad placement.  The blogger’s manager is a bodyguard who will protect the blogger from aggressive clients, and a diplomat who will resolve all conflicts, and sometimes even a vest for tears.

Visualizer/Visual Manager

The visual for your Instagram feed is a headache for all SMM and content managers. You can have as many high-quality photos as you want, but how do you put them together to make the blogger’s or brand’s page look harmonious? Visualizers, or visual managers, work on this.

Photographers or designers usually go into this profession. But now there are more and more author courses that present the visualization profession as an organizer and consultant, rather than as a handyman.

What tasks a visualizer performs:

  • Draws up a visual content strategy for a brand or blogger. What should the visual be to reflect the mood and message of the account, to match the values of the client, to evoke emotion in the user?
  • Development of a visual content plan or “grid”. The visualizer plans the pictures in the feed so that the profile looks nice and harmonious as a whole;
  • Organizing and conducting photo shoots. If necessary, training in posing;
  • Processing of photos and creation of presets;
  • Highlights and post design: by yourself or with the help of a designer.

SMM manager for Instagram

Of course, ideally, an Instagram account should be handled by a whole team: a copywriter, a tagger and a content or SMM manager who leads the process and makes strategic decisions.

More often than not, however, customers want to find a one-stop soldier. Especially if you are a freelancer. Therefore, by SMM-manager we mean a specialist who can completely take over the content and promotion of the profile on Instagram.

What an Instagram SMM manager does:

  • Creates a promotion strategy: where, how, with which creatives to promote the account;
  • Makes a content plan in accordance with the goals of the business or blogger;

Optimizes the account for search: creates the right header, hashtag and geo-tagging system;

  • Writes texts;
  • Launches and supervises targeting advertising;
  • Collects analytics on the blog, adjusts the promotion strategy and content.

Working in Instagram marketing means always being in touch, getting quickly involved in the creative process, being ready to come up with solutions and stop crises. That’s why it’s so important to choose a profession in this field that will interest, develop and fill you.

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