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Is it Wise to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney for a Minor Accident?

Whenever we get on the road, either on foot, on a motorcycle, or in a car, we never anticipate the consequences that can lie ahead in our journey. The majority of our rides are generally mundane. Some narrow escapes or close calls now and then might be a part of the drives. However, if every ride turns out to be calamitous, none of us would like to drive or hit the road ever again. Regrettably, there are times when bad things happen, and worse comes to worst. No matter how much we wish, some accidents are bound to happen. The medical bills piled up, injuries, and the dread post-accident can be life-altering for many people. Just the thought of these can make the chills run down the spine.

Every year the United States of America witnesses a great deal of motorcycle accident crashes. In some cases, the motorcyclists are responsible for these incidents. While in other cases, these innocent people often become the target of other’s faults. The aftermath of accidents can be agonizing, even if it involves slight injuries.  And due to insufficient knowledge about legal practices, many victims feel reluctant to pursue a lawsuit and add more burden to their plate. However, it is worthy of hiring a supportive attorney that can walk through every aspect of your case. A lawyer can hold reckless people accountable and pave the way for your case.

If your mind is still in ambiguities, below are some of the reasons compelling enough for you to hire a motorcycle accident attorney:

1. Brief About The Compensation

Even if you suffered from a slight wound or minor injury, you deserve justifiable compensation. Suppose you encountered this accident in Georgia, US. In that case, the good news is Georgia is generally known for its moderate comparative negligence. That implies that motorcycle accident lawyers in Georgia can help you get compensation if you were partly negligent. However, the downside is, being partially at fault, you might receive reduced compensation.

A motorcycle attorney can award you with compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. Some monetary damages include medical expenses or lost income since you could not reach your workplace and missed work due to an accident. However, for non-economic damages such as depression, anxiety, or psychological pain, it is pretty challenging to compensate them in terms of money. Still, an expert attorney can figure out a way to calculate value.

2. Determine the Cause of an Accident

In the whirlwind of an accident or collision, your mind might get blocked. First, however, you must try to comply with some obligations while at the accident scene. These may include calling the police on the accident location to collect evidence and generate the report. Or try to make sure everyone injured on the scene receives medical treatment.

That way, your attorney can assess necessary facts and evidence, such as police reports, eyewitnesses, medical reports, etc., to help you with legal proceedings. Then, based on this compelling evidence, your professional attorney can help you build a strong lawsuit against the opposing party.

3. Legal Representation

Although most times, the hired attorneys can help you negotiate and settle the compensation issues with the insurance company. As a result, you can avoid taking the case to court. However, sometimes that might not be the case. Some insurance companies consistently deny your claims or offer you a low settlement. Therefore, you might have to resort to court to seek your legal rights.

Going on your own in the court to fight your case might not only be complex but also cost you a considerable fortune. That is why you must hire an experienced attorney to help you with your accident dilemma. Your attorney can represent you in court, explain the lawful procedures and help you win the case. In addition, their in-depth knowledge and experience can help fight your case with reliable facts and evidence.

4. Investigate the Severity of Injuries

While you may not realize the intensity of your accident at first, your minor injuries might be more severe than you initially thought. Moreover, motorcyclists are more susceptible to injuries since they don’t have exterior protection like cars or trucks. As a result, many motorcycle accident victims experience common injuries, including internal bleeding, sprains, fractures, cuts, and rash. Some injuries may not even be visible for hours or days. Due to this reason, many victims often neglect to go for a medical checkup and treatment.

It is advisable to visit a doctor as soon as possible to get yourself adequately treated. After all, how do you expect your attorney to help you with the settlement offer if you don’t have any medical record of your injuries? However, with the help of medical checkups and documents, your attorney can figure out the extent of injuries and build a strong foundation for the case.

5. Statute of Limitation

Some insurance companies or the opponent driver that caused the accident would do anything to lower or entirely deny your compensation claims. However, you can file your insurance claim or find legal assistance from your attorney at any point. Though, the sooner, the better. It is because you don’t want to let the opposite party get away from compensating you fairly.

Moreover, the longer you take to file your case, the higher the possibility of missing the evidence. For instance, the eyewitnesses at the accident scene might forget the rightful details, which in turn can negatively affect your case. Therefore, ensure to hire an attorney who is well-aware of your state’s statute of limitations and can start the paperwork accordingly.

Final Words

You are lucky if you have survived a motorcycle accident with non-critical injuries. You might also think it’s a great idea to go for a settlement case all alone. However, it’s not. After the event of a crash, you may be mentally exhausted, if not physical. In addition, without legal representation, it’s pretty hard to deal with the technicalities of the potential lawsuit. Therefore, don’t compromise or settle for anything less than what you deserve. Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney who treats your case rightfully is the greatest bet. An expert lawyer will go to the lengths to achieve the best possible outcomes and fight for a reasonable amount of money.

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