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Is Mobile Phone Technology fuelling Gambling Addiction?

In a world where there are a lot of addictions that take over and ruin a lot of people’s lives, a few tend to slip under the radar, or seem to be deemed not as harmful. Having vices such as alcohol or cigarettes for example, which are extremely dangerous, have a few rivals, yet due to the severe health implications of these diseases, they overshadow other diseases which are just as capable of destroying peoples lives. Gambling is just one of these that seems to have crept on the scene and gotten more prevalent in recent times.

While gambling has always lurked in the background, the advent of mobile phone technology and the ability to pretty much do anything with the power of your fingertips has pushed gambling addiction more into the light. The problem is far worse than previously thought and does not seem to have any boundaries as regards sex or age. There is such a variety of choices of games at online betting sites such as Energy Casino, that it seems appealing to many. So what helped boost the use of phones in this sector?

The decline in Popularity of Bookmakers

While it must be said a visit to a traditional bookmaker can either be entertaining or quite sad depending on the way you view it, they have been on the wane now for several years. The surge of betting online has seen a change that is highly likely to be irreversible. There are numerous reasons for this and bookmakers just struggle to compete with online casinos in so many ways. While there will always be some share of the market for the local bookmaker, it certainly won’t be as big as times gone by.

Access to Gambling is Easy

Mobile technology allows you to access betting sites from anywhere you like. Simply by having a mobile device and availability to connect to the internet, online casino sites are free to browse through at any time. Whatever your preference is, be it games or sports, you will be able to get involved almost immediately. No more rushing to your local bookmaker or keeping an eye on the time to make sure you get there to get your bet on. Wagers can be placed without too many restrictions and some people just say it’s too easy, creating the root of the problem now plaguing society.

It Becomes Easier to Hide

Most people are quite possessive of their phones in general, be it wishing to keep private pictures out of view or conversations they don’t wish for anyone else to see. So therefore when you have your gambling account at your fingertips, there is a real danger that things can spiral out of control. It can become a very secretive pastime as phone use has become very private these days. Opening up and discussing gambling issues can be quite frightening for some people.

While visits to the bookies are not exactly recommended, at least they are hard to hide and it’s fair to say some of your family and friends are not surprised if that’s where you can be found a lot of the time. Playing on the phone can be a very private source of shame or embarrassment and sometimes people can torture themselves mentally about it. It takes a strong character for someone to admit to these problems. If you feel you have an issue that is getting out of control or if a friend or family member is having some difficulty, please don’t hesitate to contact Gamstop.

The Money can Become Irrelevant 

This is one issue that hurts people when they look back on their time gambling if they are lucky enough to get out. A major difference with playing online is you don’t see any handover of funds. It’s a big thing going to the atm and withdrawing physical cash to put on the next hot tip. As you hand it over, you realise you may never see that money again. Doing this repeatedly is where a serious problem can develop.

However, as online casinos link your bank account to theirs, figures bandied about as deposits or withdrawals never seem real. Countless heartbreaking stories of people gambling away their savings as they don’t realise what they are doing until it’s too late. Looking at numbers on the screen doesn’t mean anything and it’s a very short-lived feeling for most gamblers to win or lose if they don’t see any real cash. There are staggering amounts of money being gambled worldwide each year

The Right Frame of Mind?

Online companies don’t see any of the customers in person so it’s not very often a bet would be refused. People that have an addiction or are developing one may place bets when they are feeling low or possibly after consuming alcohol or other drugs. They are always trying to chase the high of a winning bet, which in turn can lead to more losses. Good gamblers have a strong mindset that addicts find hard to copy.

Losses will be chased and sports they know nothing about can be played in the heat of the moment. Phone play is very dangerous for a lot of people. Options like deposit limits or time monitoring play have now become more freely available as it is sought to curb the amount of damage caused online. The danger is for most people, these thoughts come too late.


Gambling has always been a serious problem that seems to have been exacerbated by the progress in the development of mobile phones. There are a vast number of sites, such as Energy Casino, that will allow you the chance to browse the best betting odds on offer. You could be using a site based on another continent or down the street and no one would even know you had a gambling problem as you never have to step inside a traditional bookmaker again.

The fact that this amazing technology is abused for such addictive purposes is heartbreaking. Perhaps more rigorous checks should take place about peoples financial status before allowing them to spend all their money on casino sites. There is a big difference between having a bet for interest in events like Wimbledon or the Grand National as being constantly glued to the phone. People can develop a problem easily with all the promotions and bonuses which appear to be constantly on offer.


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