Israeli Carbyne 25m Series B1Lundentechcrunch

Israeli Carbyne 25m Series B1Lundentechcrunch

Israeli Carbyne 25m Series B1Lundentechcrunch is making waves, this time through its latest round of funding. The firm has secured $25 million in Series B, led by venture firm LundenTech. This follows a string of successful investments and existing partnerships that Carbyne had established previously. This infusion of capital will allow the company to expand and develop further, offering their solutions to a wider array of clients and making them more accessible to larger companies.

I. Overview of Carbyne

Israeli Carbyne 25m Series B1Lundentechcrunch is a start-up company founded in 2016. It focuses on the development of intelligent technology solutions to help public safety, security, and emergency services. It combines AI technology, Big Data, sensors, cloud computing and mobile applications to create solutions that enable authorities and first responders to better manage and respond to urgent situations. It also provides Solutions for public communication during an emergency, online forms and helpdesk, as well as a service to link an entire safety network together.

II. Breakdown of the Series B Round

Israeli Carbyne 25m Series B1Lundentechcrunch, with participation from existing investors, including Mitsui & Co. Global Investment and Magma Venture Partners. This marks the ninth investment attracted by Carbyne since its launch in 2016, building on previous rounds of funding including a $12 million Series A round in 2018. The additional funding brings total funding to $39 million.

III. Analysis of Investments

The current investment signals the potential of Israeli Carbyne 25m Series B1Lundentechcrunch technology and services, which are rapidly gaining traction. It also demonstrates the confidence of investors in the company’s management and capabilities. Carbyne’s solutions have been implemented in various countries and cities, such as Chile, Peru, and New York City. The company plans to use the new funding to expand operations internationally and increase its sales and marketing efforts.

IV. Carbyne’s Future

The funding is poised to power Israeli Carbyne 25m Series B1Lundentechcrunch to the next level in its journey. With LundenTech now at the helm, Carbyne can look forward to greater exposure in the market through investments in product development, strategic partnerships and market expansion. Further investments in research & development are also likely to be seen, which could lead to the emergence of new products and services.

V. Final Thoughts

Carbyne is well-positioned to make a huge impact in the public safety, security, and emergency services space. The current round of funding gives the startup the much-needed resources to further upscale its operations and gain greater success in the market. With the right strategy, Carbyne could soon become a serious player in the global safety & security sector.


The Israeli startup Israeli Carbyne 25m Series B1Lundentechcrunch. The funding is intended to aid the development of the company’s life-saving platform and video-driven first response service that is designed to quickly connect individuals to 9-1-1 call centers. This latest round of funding will undoubtedly help the advancement of Carbyne’s platform and may result in a valuable contribution to public safety.

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