What Dog Supplies Do You Need?

If you decide to get a dog, remember that it’s a very responsible decision that requires investment. The first investment, it’s your time, because a doggy needs your attention most of all. The second investment is material to provide the best conditions you need money. Dogs love to eat delicious food, just like humans. Of course, the dog will prefer to have a piece of boiled meat in the diet and not dry food. And last but not the least, buying dog supplies from an online dog store. Nowadays, there are a lot of types of dog supplies, but we will mention essentials: collar or harness, leash, ID tag, muzzle. Waudog will guide you in the world of dog supplies. All right, hold tight, we start!

Do I Need to Buy Dog Collars Online?

One of the most important supplies for dogs is a collar. It’s a must even if your pet is well-behaved. Moreover, it serves a meaningful purpose, too. The collar is the most essential safety device.

It’s not a good idea just to surf the Internet and order the first collar you like. As strange as this sounds but the device should be liked by your dog. Your task is to pick up a model that is not only convenient for both your pet and you but should be safe. Choosing a collar, you need to consider the following characteristics:

Width. Before buying any gear, you need to measure the dog and then select the best one based on its size. Measure from the top of the dog’s chest, fully around its neck. Leave it loose enough so that you can easily fit 2 fingers underneath it. Also, pay attention to the product page, to buy a dog collar online you need a detailed size guide. It is very important that the collar is not too tight, and does not interfere with the respiratory process of the animal.

Weight. The collar should be light so as not to create pressure on the animal’s neck, especially if its small breeds.

Inner side. Be sure to pay attention not only to the outer material but also to the inner one. Because inner material will come into contact with the skin of your four-pawed friend.

If you still doubt that you are able to pick up the proper size of collar for your doggy, just consider the following tips. Thus, if your pet is up to 10 pounds, the ideal length of the sample should be about 12” or less. If the pet is between 11-25 pounds, the collar should be about 11”-15”. For bigger dogs, the length should be longer. For instance, pets between 56-80 pounds need a collar with a length of 16”-24”. Yet, these figures are not obligatory. They may vary depending on the peculiarity of your dogs.

Collars are divided into several types:

  • A collar for everyday usage is created for walking and getting in control of a dog in public places. They can be made of nylon or velvet. The first variant is an ideal solution for dogs who are fond of various water activities. Velvet models always look stylish, elegant, and sophisticated.
  • A training collar helps maintain dog discipline while teaching commands. It’s of prime importance to avoid one common problem. Inexperienced dog owners are sure the firmer the sample is, the best it is. Yet, such models are not only bad but they can hurt pets.
  • A show look is also different from everyday models. The strict rules of all dog contests prohibit bringing pets in strict or walking collars. Such models are often made out of a braided material such as leather, nylon, or metal.
  • A glowing collar appeared not so long ago but has already shown itself on the positive side. Such models are designed for walking in the dark. You can choose the color you like the most.
  • Smart collars. Innovative technologies are able to make not only humans’ lives more convenient but the lives of our pets, too. Thus, GPS is only one of the possible attributes smart collars may possess. Such models can not only track the location of the dogs (it seems to be an ideal solution for people who own huskies, doesn’t it?). Smart collars are able to monitor alterations in the behavior of the pets and provide cool assistance in training them.

Why Do I Need to Buy a Dog Harness Online?

It’s not an easy thing to pick up the best collar for your best friend. You need to be sure that the sample is designed to meet all the peculiarities of your dog. Anatomical safety, a harness secures near the dog’s center of gravity. The construction of the harness is designed in such a way that even when the leash is pulled, the belts do not compress the chest and don’t interfere with breathing.

Things to remember when choosing a harness

  • You need two essentials to pick a harness for your dog: the neck and the chest measurements.
  • If you’re taking measurements for a harness, you should carefully read the measurements a manufacturer provides. It’s necessary to take into account that different collars have different requirements. Thus, you are to take measurements every time you buy a sample.
  • Overhead harnesses are also suitable for those who can’t behave well on overcrowded streets.
  • You have to take into account whether your dog has got used to a collar or not. For puppies, it’s better to pick up a more facilitative model while adult dogs

Consider these criteria and you will succeed in buying accessories for dogs online! We are always ready to help, ask any question and our team will solve any problem. We offer an awesome assortment of various models for small and large dogs. Even the most demanding clients will find the best collar that meets both their desires and budget. Moreover, we provide free ID tags to all harnesses and collars. Also, we provide free delivery for orders over $50 and a lifetime warranty on all our hardware. Waudog — your dog’s best friend!

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