How to Make Birthdays Memorable While Staying Safe

Birthdays are a happy and joyous occasion for not only the one whose birthday it is but also for those closest to them. There could be many reasons not to celebrate this happy occasion with someone physically, but that doesn’t mean you have to let their birthday go without doing anything.

When you’re looking to make someone’s birthday special without being physically close to them, there are a variety of methods you can use. From getting happy birthday yard signs to getting a cake delivered to them, here are some ways to stay safe while celebrating birthdays.Birthdays Memorable

Find Remote Surprising Methods

When you’re looking for the ideal way to celebrate someone else’s birthday from a safe distance, finding remote surprising methods is the best option. You could consider driving through their home and shouting happy birthday from the streets or leaving a surprise gift hamper on their doorstep.

You can even find specialty remote celebration options that have been introduced after the onslaught of COVID-19 to make your planning a bit easier. From specialized services that cater to delivering handmade birthday signs to finding custom catering services to ensure a feast is delivered to the birthday person’s home.

When you’re choosing to surprise them through methods that require them to be at home, you should also consider getting in touch with someone who lives with them to ensure that they’re at home when the surprise is being delivered.

Customize Birthday Presents for Them

Just because you’re not there in person to celebrate the birthday of someone you love, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the presents. When you’re looking to make this birthday a little more special for them, getting customized gifts is perfect.

Whether you’re getting them customized clothing or even something as minor as a card, it’s the effort that counts. When you want the person’s birthday to be noticed by everyone in the neighborhood, you could even consider grand ideas like yard signs.

Virtual Parties

There’s nothing like a virtual party to get the ball rolling on someone’s birthday. Not being there physically and keeping safe during these troubling times doesn’t have to put a dampener on birthdays at all.

Whether you’re organizing a simple (like Zoom or Skype) call for friends and family or planning out tasks and activities to do throughout, there are many options to look into when hosting a virtual party.

You could even find exclusive online activities that enable every guest to participate and enjoy fully when it comes to virtual parties.

Consider for Video Messages

When you’re considering sending something a bit more heartfelt and sentimental, choosing to record a personalized video message is perfect. Whether it’s a video with you alone or a collage of all their friends and family, the birthday person is sure to be surprised when receiving it.

You could also consider combining the video messages with other presents or actions, like getting happy birthday yard signs. If you’re planning on making a video collage, you should get in touch with the people you’re looking to include well before time, so there are no delays in getting the video delivered right on their birthday.

Send a Cake

Birthdays are all about celebration and food. When you’re looking to indulge your loved one, getting a cake sent to their home is a perfect idea. You could even get a customized cake made from their favorite flavor delivered right at midnight.

You might need to coordinate with someone else if no delivery services are available in the area you’re planning to send the cake. Ensure that your loved one doesn’t feel alone or disheartened on their birthday when you’ve ensured that they feel loved through personalized actions.

Consider Attractive Signs

Since most people are still wary of hosting or attending large gatherings, you might want to consider a happy birthday greeting from a distance to make the birthday person’s day a little more special.

There are a variety of designs and places you can get a sign placed at when you’re looking through various happy birthday yard signs. Consider taking the person’s personal preferences and favorites to use for the yard sign design.

Whether the person lives in a house with a front yard or an apartment complex, you could get the sign placed anywhere from the front door to even the roof!

Take Pictures!

Nothing says a birthday celebration more than getting loads of photos taken. If you’re sending a customized yard sign so your loved one can snap in front of it or choosing to get virtual shots over video calls, take pictures to remember this special day.

Times may be challenging, but it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on important milestones, especially when it comes to your loved ones. Choose one or several methods to make birthdays a little more unique while being safe.

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