JEE Main Preparation 2021: One Month Study Plan

JEE Main Preparation 2021: One Month Study Plan

One of the most important exams for engineering aspirants is the JEE. There have been a lot of changes in recent years, including the number of times the exam is conducted and the syllabus. Things just keep adding up, and this is the reason why JEE Main preparation, as well as the prelims, have to be different now.

The preparation of this exam is done differently, depending upon the time left for the exam day. If you have a year, your approach is different, and when you have just a month, things change. So here is how you should plan your approach and study if there is only a month left. 

Before starting with the tips, here are some general things to know:

  • Aspirants for B.E and B.Tech have to attempt 75 questions out of 90 questions. 
  • Aspirants for B.Arch have to attempt 77 questions out of 82 questions.
  • Aspirants for B.Plan have to attempt 100 questions out of 105 questions.

JEE mains preparation tips (1-month study plan)

  • Revise with a plan

The last month is just for revision, and it needs to be done with a plan. In this last month, you need to retain your composure because that’s how you will move ahead. Draft a complete plan based on your learnings and the importance of any chapter. Most of the candidates by now would have completed their 95% syllabus, and revising them all in 30 or 31 days is a complex task if not done with a plan.

  • Try our mock tests

Another important thing about JEE preparation during the last month is mock tests. Although a candidate should keep practicing mock tests after every chapter still if you haven’t, do it now. Mock tests are very important, and they help you assess your knowledge and understanding of a chapter. 

  • Practice previous years’ question papers

One of the best ways to test your knowledge and skills is to take the previous year’s question papers. Not only will they polish your learning but also give you an idea of how the questions come. Although none of them repeat, aspirants get a fair idea about the paper.

Download JEE Main Previous years’ question papers with solutions here-

  • Take a break

Some students start preparing for their JEE paper right from their 11th standard, and they slowly complete the syllabus with ample time to practice the questions. Probably you might have also started early or would have at least dedicated 1-year to be the least. So, it’s time to take a break now because that’s also important. Relaxing your mind and giving it some time off provide therapy to your brain. 

  • Do not freak out

There can be a situation where you left some important topics for later learning but couldn’t get back to them because of lack of time. If that’s a situation in your case, do not freak out. Try and revise or learn as much as you can because that’s only how you can score better. Also, there are situations when aspirants tend to forget what they learned. It freaks them out too often. Now, if you fall in this category, you don’t have to freak out. Maybe a little time off or some relaxing therapy might work. 

So, if you are doing your JEE Main 2021 preparation, then these above-listed points can be of good use. Make sure to incorporate them into your schedule.

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