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Jim’s Handyman: Your One-Stop Shop for Commercial Building Maintenance in Melbourne

Jim’s Handyman is the one stop source of handyman services in Melbourne and throughout Australia. They have served thousands of customers since 1989 and are known for their timely service and affordable pricing.

If you have a commercial building then you must know the importance of its regular maintenance. Motivated employees, happy customers, and a pleasant environment are just too good to pass up. That is why Jim’s Handyman has got a special collection of services for commercial buildings. Here is an overview of them.

Commercial Building Maintenance

Want to replace desks, repair broken chairs, windows, anything, Jim’s Handyman can do it for you. Regular maintenance is just unavoidable if you want to avoid extra expenses in the long run.

Bathroom Renovations

The bathrooms create a long lasting impression on clients and are crucial for employee satisfaction as well. If you want to renovate your bathroom or just repair a few leaking pipes, Jim’s Handyman can do it for you.

Having a customised bathroom is even better for the client ‘s impression. If the bathroom’s design is in tune with your brand’s theme, there is nothing better than that.

Carpentry Services

Broken furniture is a common problem for commercial buildings. As it is being used day in and day out, it is very prone to getting worn out over time. Sometimes a table has a missing leg, a chair is leaning more towards one side, or a desk is wobbly. All of them are equally annoying and harmful for employee satisfaction.

Jim’s Handyman’s carpentry services can take care of that for you. Whether it is just a single broken chair or a bunch of them, you can give them a call without hesitation.

Door and Window Repairs

We all know how annoying a creaking door can be. It can just destroy an office’s peace. Also broken windows are no good either. When it is raining or if the temperature drops substantially in winters, broken windows can be hell. That is why they need to be repaired soon and you can rely on Jim’s Handyman for that.

Minor Painting Services

A small patch or stain on the wall can break the entire aesthetic of the office. Painting the entire wall or room is not feasible in some situations. For these minor touch ups, Jim’s Handyman can come in handy. They can fix up these minor areas and bring the building back to its original glory.

Outdoor Sheds & Carports

Having dedicated car parking sheds can be extremely beneficial for your employees, especially during the hot summer months when the bike seats can turn into a frying pan. Jim’s Handyman can build carsheds for you that are fully customisable.

Tiling Services

Broken tiles can be annoying because they hurt your feet every time you step on them. Do not let this slide. They need to be fixed quickly as some employee might stumble upon them. Call Jim’s Handyman for their tiling services and get everything fixed.

Plastering Services

Does your commercial building have a hole that was born as someone bumped into a wall or a hole that one person can fall into. No matter how big or small, Jim’s Handyman can get it fixed without disturbing the employees working.

Reach Out To Jim’s Handyman Now!

From tiling services to creating car sheds, Jim’s Handyman can handle all your commercial building needs. Contact them now to get a no obligation price quote.

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