Keeping Possums Away from Your House

Possums may look cute from a distance, but they are experts in wreaking havoc. No matter if it is your garden or home, possums can cause severe damage if not removed immediately. Hiring possum catcher is one solution for keeping these pests away.

However, catching a possum is not always possible. Furthermore, possums are protected animals in Australia and killing them can land you in legal pools and penalties. Therefore, we have listed some effective tips that can keep possums away from your property.

So, let’s take a look!

Why are possums attracted to your property?

Possums need food, water and shelter for survival. And, these are the major reasons why possum invades human homes. 

  • The abundance of Food and Water

Just like other animals and pests, possums also need food and water for their survival. If your property has ample food that the possum likes then chances of invasion are pretty high. 

Possums like feeding on tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, peas, apples and many other fruits and vegetables. If you have grown these plants around your house, then possums are likely to enter your house sooner or later.

  • Shelter

The shelter is important for a possum to survive the winters. They need a warm place to reside and human homes happen to be the best option. With food, water and warmth available in one place, possums can easily live and multiply rapidly.

Any cracks, gaps or holes in the wall cavity, attics, and ceiling can be a potential entry point for a possum. Furthermore, if there are long tree branches near your house they can use them as a pathway for entering your property.

  • Trash

Trash cans around the house can easily attract possums to your yard and then inside the building. Possums find an abundance of the food source from the trash cans without much hassle. If you have a huge trash can around your yard, make sure to keep the lid covered.

Tips to Keep Possum Away!

Keeping possum away from your home and yard is an easy task. Here are a few tips you should try to keep possums away:

Block Entry Points

If possums have invaded your property for taking shelter then it is important that you pay attention to the entry points. After getting possum removal Canberra makes sure you seal all the entry points of your home.

Possum proofing your house is necessary for preventing any further invasion. Make sure you keep a check on your property by inspecting walls, broken windows, holes, extended tree branches and so on at least once a month. 

Grow Vegetation That Possum Hate

There are fruits and vegetables that the possum loves and hates. If your garden is often attacked by possums then you must be growing vegetation that they like.

For keeping possums away, you can consider growing mint, chrysanthemums and geraniums. These are the plants that deter possum away. Further, it is a non-harmful way of preventing possum infestation. 

Use Possum Repellant 

While possums love feeding on a wide range of foods, they also hate some. They hate the smell of garlic which can be used for keeping them away from the property. Just crush a few garlic pods and spread them around the property.

Alternatively, possums hate the smell of moth balls and ammonia. You can use them for keeping possums away. However, be careful when using ammonia as it can be dangerous for your health.

Use Bright Light

Being night dwellers, possums become active late at night and try to sneak inside. They don’t like bright light. And, this can be used for scaring them away. You can use motion-activated lights or sprinklers. These will flash light and sprinkle water suddenly on possum which is enough to drive them away from your property. 

Eliminate Food and Water Sources

Food and water sources are the most important aspect that you need to pay attention to. If there are trashcans around your house, make sure to keep the lid tight and throw the garbage out in a sealed bag.

If you have pets at home, make sure you don’t leave their food and water bowl outside the house. Water and pet food attract possums.

Use Possum Traps

You can use traps for catching possums. However, it is important that pay attention to the wires and check if they can harm them. Possums when trapped try to get out of the confined space and end up hurting themselves.

Killing possums can attract fines and punishment. Therefore, be careful when trying to capture an alive possum at home. It is best to let professionals perform pest control Melbourne as they are experienced, trained and efficient in the task.

Contact Professionals for Possum Removal Canberra!

Relying on professionals for possum removal is the best way of handling possum infestation. The experts have better know-how in handling different kinds of possum situations. They can catch alive possums without harming them and also safely remove dead possums.

As the professional possum catchers are already aware of Australia’s wildlife law, they make sure to not cause any harm to the protected species. When possums are caught alive they release within 50 meters of the property where they found it.

In the case of dead possums, the experts remove the carcass following all the safety measures. They dispose of the carcass safely as per the guidelines of the law. That’s why you should consider relying on professionals so you can save yourself from unnecessary hassle.

Final Words 

Possums can be a nuisance but it is not difficult to get them away from your property. Just make sure to keep the food and water sources away from them and follow preventive tips to keep them from invading your property and yard. 

Ensure that you hire professional possum removal experts for catching and removing dead possums. Call us now to make your property possum-free!

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